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Up the Proverbial Creek, on the Track of a Killer: Oil and Water by Nikki Andrews @NAedits #mystery

Title Oil & Water

Author Nikki Andrews

Genre Cozy Mystery

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

When gallery owner Ginny Brent accepts a post as judge for the prestigious Oil & Water Arts Festival in Ogunquit, Maine, she is looking forward to a weekend of pampering, good food, and camaraderie with creative people. Family feuds, business spats, a barroom brawl, and lobster pot thefts are definitely not on the menu.

Then the body of a missing artist turns up on the rocky shore—just in time for Ginny to find it. Despite her determination not to get involved, she finds herself tracing the threads between deadly rivals, non-kissing cousins, and an artist’s sketchpad.

Finally, she finds herself on a park ranger’s tiny boat, up the proverbial creek, on the track of a killer.


Fear froze her body in place, but her mind worked at light speed. What made her think her space had been invaded? Nothing moved in the room now. No hint of someone else breathing or shuffling outdid the throb of her blood in her ears. The curtains whispered in the breeze from the window, but no untoward shadows lurked behind them.

With all her senses strained to their limits, she snaked one hand behind her back to the doorknob and drew another breath. Something smelled different. The sea, the salt, the pines, and ferns…those scents belonged, as did the roses and the delicate odor of whatever fragrance lingered from the laundered sheets. She sniffed once more, focusing all her attention on her nose.

A subtle spicy scent. Familiar but not associated with anything that should be in the room. Masculine! A man had been in her room. She yanked the door open, flipped on the light, and jumped into the hallway in one smooth movement.

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Author Biography

Nikki Andrews has worked as a picture framer, store clerk, and administrative assistant, but in her real life she is a writer, editor, and songmaker. She is a member of Talespinners and the New Hampshire Writers Project, and is the author of Framed.

When she’s not at her desk, she might be releasing salmon fry on the Piscataquog River, making jams or sweaters, or exploring her surroundings on foot, bike, or snowshoe. She lives near a waterfall in New Hampshire with her wonderful husband, their possessive cat, and assorted wildlife.

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Twitter: @NAedits

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