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The Colony Series by @RMGilmour Blends #Scifi #Romance With #Dystopia! #MustRead #FridayReads #books

Book 1:

Title – The Colony

Author – RMGilmour

Genre – SciFi-Romance

Book Blurb -

Dimensions could not keep them apart, but can the A.I. controlling his world?

Lydia felt him before she heard him. His presence filled her, he warmed her soul. His voice moved her, awakening the life inside her that she thought was lost forever. For he was her soulmate, Jordan, and he lived in another plane of existence.

When he pulled her through spacetime to be with him in his dimension, she found herself in a world without him. A world controlled by an artificial intelligence – the Guardian, whose sole purpose was to protect the power source that ran the planet. But it did so at the cost of all who lived outside of its perfect city.

Within the Colony she was sheltered and protected from the Guardian, by two advanced races, who were also from other dimensions. But even they didn’t know how far the Guardian would go to get to her.

To survive, she must find within herself the courage and strength to fight for her life. But how far will she need to go to save Jordan and the colonists the Guardian?

Excerpt -

Shortly after the meal, I felt a burst of happiness spread inside me; a warmth filling the center of my chest, radiating throughout my limbs. I tried to analyze this new feeling and at first, I thought it was the pleasant company and their food, or Castor's drink maybe, but as I focused upon the sensation I found it was him. Jordan. He filled every part of me, almost the same way he'd done when I was back on Earth, but this was so much more intense.

With each moment that passed, his presence grew stronger, and I gasped at the sensation. The warmth that coursed through me fluttered to the surface, reaching for him, searching for the sound of his voice and his image as though a part of me was missing, was too far away. I needed him with me, to hear him and see him, even if only for a brief moment.

As though sensing my distress, Haize reached a hand out to mine, gently squeezing, and I heard her murmur a gentle hush. I glanced up at her to see her staring back at me. She pursed her lips and hushed me once more.

I wanted to leave, to run to the city wall, but when I tried to stand she tightened her grip on my hand, urging me to stay. I did as she willed me to, but as I waited silently beside her, time seemed to drag on, minutes taking hours.

Once the hut began to clear of people, she whispered to me to wait, and I remained behind with her, watching them leave. I expected them to return to their work in the sun, but all of them headed toward the hills.

Haize began to straighten the room and I rose to help her, hoping she could give me some explanation for keeping me there. The feeling was still strong within me, and I struggled to keep the emotions off my face.

"They're not going back out into the fields?" I asked, attempting to distract myself. But as the last of them disappeared, the feeling within me grew stronger yet again, warmer, flooding me with that sense of him.

"No, we need to be back inside the Colony," Haize explained.

I wanted to ask why, but the words wouldn't make it out.

"Haize," I whimpered.

He was so close, I felt as though I could touch him.

Aleric's voice came from just outside of the entrance to the tree-hut. And he wasn't alone.

"She's here!" Jordan's voice asserted, before he even saw me. The sound of him moved through me in familiar waves, and a moment later he stepped into the room.

I wanted to run to him, but my feet refused to move. Instead, he strode closer to me, until he was standing right in front of me. And I could feel him, without even touching him. The warmth that filled me radiated out of me, rippling across my skin, pulling me out of myself to join him.

I couldn't tell if he was doing this or if I was. But the feeling of leaving my body, of being so closely joined to another person caused a tremor of fear in my stomach, and I pulled it all back in, closing the feelings off as much as I could. I didn't want to think about this new sensation, nor the fear that resulted. I wanted only the single-minded happiness of seeing him.

He came for me.

"You're here," he whispered.

But I couldn't make a sound. I inched one foot forward and fell into his arms.

Buy Links:

Paperback release date: 02/18/2018

Book 2:

Title – The Last City

Author – RMGilmour

Genre – SciFi-Romance

Book Blurb -

A battle approaches Threa - a war of wills, one driven to control it, and the other to destroy it.

While immersed in their history, Lydia learns of the overwhelming threat to the planet and its people. And even though she was brought to Threa by her soulmate Jordan, it has come to be her home. And she will not let it go.

Every day Lydia trains with Lena and Dax, but she doubts she will ever be as strong as they need her to be. She is determined however, to be strong enough, to be ready, should she ever again, be confronted by an enemy.

But what she can’t fight, are Jordan’s memories. With each step that he takes toward the past, Lydia feels him pulling away, closing himself off.

As the war rages, Lydia is determined to stay strong when her faith in Jordan is challenged. But is she strong enough to survive her own fears? Or will his ties to the past sever the unbreakable bond between them?

Excerpt -

It was one of those middle of the night moments. An instinct. I woke up knowing that something was not quite right, but also knowing that I needed to give every appearance that I was still asleep. I was instantly aware of Jordan's body surrounding mine. I was safely tucked within him; his arms were holding me close. And while keeping my breathing slow and deep, I opened my eyes just a crack, to the dark of the night that filled the room.

But there was movement in the darkness. I was sure of it. The only sounds were Jordan's deep regular breaths, soft against my ear, indicating he soundly slept. And mine.

"Don't move," Jordan barely whispered, during one long exhale. His words however, were barely there. And I had to wonder if he'd actually spoken, or if I'd only imagined it.

I scanned as much of the room as I could see, from the corner of my eyes. I wasn't sure if what I was sensing was only the remnants of a dream, or if there really was something or someone with us. And I didn't want to wake Jordan unnecessarily, if he really was still asleep, and so, I waited, without moving, for anything to indicate otherwise.

It was the gentlest of exhales on my other side, that sent that warning-fear through me.

"Jordan," I moaned, but at the same time he sat bolt upright, and pushed me behind him, as much as he could.

I scrambled to get my feet beneath me, to be ready for whomever was in the room, but several hands grabbed me at once, holding first my arms and then my legs. I twisted and wrenched in their grip, but they were so much stronger, I could barely move.

"Leave her alone!" Jordan roared at them.

My vision in the darkness was limited as my eyes tried to adjust. All I could make out were numerous bodies, clashing and struggling. The sounds of fighting, of skin against skin, and bone against bone invaded my mind, and twisted my thoughts.

"Jordan," I called, but I was trapped. I couldn't help him. "Light," I commanded, but nothing happened.

My mind reeled back to that moment with Grid and the ward, and I tried to ready myself for whatever may come.

But when one of my captors was ripped from me, I found one arm had been freed and I swung it toward the coward holding my other. My fist however, connected with a solid wall of flesh, not even moving them. I swung again and again, but my hand was re-captured, and I was held in place once more.

"No!" I screamed. Not again. Not again.

"Lydia!" Jordan called. His voice was cut off, but I could still feel him struggling beside me.

I couldn't tell how many there were. It was a mass of bodies, converging around us, all of them silent. Not one of them said a word. And I realized they weren't hurting me, they were only holding me down. But Jordan, I couldn't see. I could only feel the fight he gave them.

And then it stopped, almost as quickly as it had begun. I was released. And I was alone.

"Jordan," I whispered.

But I knew he was gone.

Buy Links -

Or Amazon tiny url:

(Currently in Kindle Unlimited, so not yet available elsewhere, but it will be soon). Paperback release date 02/18/2018.

Author Biography -

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, RMGilmour currently resides in Florida, USA, with her two children, two cats, and a turtle. She enjoys filling blank pages with Sci-Fi-Romance, Sci-Fi-Fantasy, both novel length as well as short stories.

Social Media Links -

My website:

The first five chapters of The Colony, and the first chapter of The Last City, as well as two short stories from The Colony, are available on my website.

Twitter: @rmgilmour

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