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Kicker (The Forgotten Front) by @RGreyHoover is the Thrilling Story of a Family’s Journey Into War #

Title: Kicker (The Forgotten Front)

Author: R Grey Hoover

Genre: Military History

Book Blurb:

World War II is raging. A young father must choose between his family and duty to his country- a decision that could cost him everything.

Based on actual experiences of United States veterans and official military aviation history records from World War II, this is the thrilling story of a family’s journey into war. While his loved ones struggle with shortages and rationing at home, Sam endures relentless Japanese attacks against his unarmed aircraft over the treacherous mountains and torrid jungles of Asia. His job is to drop supplies to Merrill’s Marauders and over 750,000 allied soldiers fighting in the perilous jungles of Burma. If the enemy is not stopped, the American way of life will end.

If you like non-stop action with a touch of humor and romance and the chance to learn how the “Greatest Generation” earned its reputation, then this is the book for you.


He was in that dreamy state just before slumber when he felt the presence of something or someone nearby. Once again, his senses came to full alert, and he made a conscious effort not to move. He listened carefully, bringing all his senses to bear. He could see or hear nothing, and yet he was sure something was there. He was startled when someone at the other end of the room moved, but then all was silent once again. He was lying on his back, so he slowly moved his head to the right and scanned the darkness.

At first he saw nothing, but then attention was drawn to a slight movement at the foot of his bed. He couldn’t make out what it was. It appeared to be an undistinguishable shadow against the darker background of the room. As he watched, the shadow moved, and he held his breath as it silently glided along the side of his bed. There was no sound as it moved, and it slowly drew nearer and stopped near the head of his bed. He could tell that it was something large, but due to the extreme darkness, he was unable to see what it was. His instincts told him this was something dangerous and evil, and the hairs on the nape of his neck stood erect. At that moment, a distant flash of lightning faintly illuminated the scene, and in that instant of light, Sam could see the large form of a tiger standing beside him.

The animal’s head was enormous. Its eyes, momentarily reflecting light from the faraway lightning, gave the beast an evil, devil-like appearance. This was death incarnate staring directly at him.

Sam was frozen with fear, and his heart seemed to stop. His .45-caliber pistol hung on the wall not three feet away, and he cursed himself for not keeping it inside the mosquito netting with him. He knew the tiger could see that he was awake, and he feared any movement would cause it to attack. The animal stepped closer, and Sam could see its dim outline and smell its damp fur and the fetid odor of its breath. The tiger appeared to know its victim was helpless. The great beast took its time as it sniffed the mosquito netting as if testing its strength. Slowly it raised a huge paw and placed it against the puny impediment. The tiger’s claws caught in the netting, and with a mighty swipe, it ripped the flimsy material away from the bed.

Luckily for Sam, the tiger became momentarily confused when the netting fell on top of the beast. This gave Sam time to roll out of the opposite side of his bed, but he was still not within reach of his pistol. The tiger roared and thrashed angrily beneath the netting as it lashed out with mighty paws in an attempt to free itself. The noise and commotion instantly aroused the other men in the basha, and shouts of confusion came from every direction. Sam was struggling to keep his charpoy between himself and the tiger when a shot rang out. Taking the nearest avenue of escape, the angry tiger, still shrouded in mosquito netting, leapt through the screening of the open window beside Sam’s bed. He could hear the angry beast crashing through the jungle as it made its escape.

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Author Biography:

Founder of the Authors' Social Media Support Group (ASMSG), author of the best-selling WWII thriller "Kicker," U.S. Air Force veteran and commercial pilot.

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