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Lori Hasn't Failed in a Mission, yet... Wolves' Gambit by @PJMacLayne #paranormalromance #sh

Title Wolves' Gambit

Author P.J. MacLayne

Genre Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Wolf-shifter Lori Grenville was rescued from near-slavery and a brutal pack leader by the Free Wolves. To pay back the favor, she's dedicated her life to helping others in the same situation, leading shifters to safety and a new start, risking her life in the process. She's faced down alphas and has no qualms in undermining pack structure.

Now she's challenged with the task of restoring an alpha to his rightful place. If she gets it right, she can stop a war from ripping apart two packs and spreading across an entire state. If she fails, she'll be among the first to die.

There's still the option of walking away and letting the Jaeger and Destin packs destroy each other. That means she'll fail in her original mission of rescuing the daughter of the Jaeger alpha before the girl is forced into marriage for political gain.

Lori hasn't failed in a mission yet. This one may be the exception.

Although Wolves' Gambit is the third book in the Free Wolves series, each book can be read as a standalone.


It was her fault. All of it. She should never have tried to rescue Turtle. Or claimed sanctuary for Eugene. Or come to Wyoming. Guilt and despair brought an onrush of tears. She gagged holding back a sob. If any of Eugene's followers died, or Eugene himself, it would be her fault.

She reached out for Turtle one more time. Carlson's bodyguards would help even the odds. All she found was silence.

She should have known better. The men were loyal to no one but Carlson. They'd only pretended to be her friend to use her skills and knowledge. Now they didn't need her anymore.

A new sound reached her ears. The chuf-chuf of helicopter blades breaking the air.

She rolled over to see two copters hanging above the street. One slowly descended. There wasn't room for it to land, but its rotors whipped up a tornado of dirt and debris.

She stared in fascination as the side panels slid back. Before they were fully open, a shower of small objects were hurled to the ground and exploded in a flurry of loud bangs and bright lights. Lori raised her arm and covered her eyes to protect them.

Simultaneously, the doors to the armory flung open. Turtle led the charge to the street. Through narrowed eyes, Lori saw each of Carlson's bodyguards wore a pair of sunglasses. A trickle of hope picked at her wall of despair.

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Author Biography :

Born and raised among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, P.J. MacLayne still finds inspiration for her books in that landscape. She is a computer geek by day and a writer by night who currently lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. When she's not in front of a computer screen, she might be found exploring the back roads of the nearby national forests and parks. In addition to the Free Wolves’ stories, she is also the author of the Oak Grove series.

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