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Everyone Says Move On, He's Gone. The Baker's Husband by Jeannie Sharpe @Jws415Sharpe #roman

Title The Baker’s Husband

Author Jeannie Sharpe

Genre Christian Romance Suspense

Publisher Foster Embry

Book Blurb

Everyone says move on, he's gone. But Chloe Livingston just can't accept maybe for an answer.

Her idyllic life as a wife and baker at Camden Bake Shop crumbled when her husband, Jake, vanished one snowy night two years ago. Presumed dead, the investigation grew cold leaving her with more questions than answers and a hole in her heart that begs to be closed by knowing just what happened to her husband that fateful night. But life goes on. Two years later, Mitchell Terrison walked into her life. The handsome new detective for Knox County sparks a new investigation into Jake's disappearance. But that's not the only spark he ignites. New found friendship leads to feelings of guilt as Chloe reminds herself that, no matter what they say, she knows in her heart that he's alive. And she can't allow new love to find her until she gets closure.

But that's easier said than done.

However, when the new investigation turns over new evidence, everything is turned on its head, and Chloe is led down a path that will change everything.



“Chloe, what’s wrong?”

“I’m anxious this morning.”

Pans clattered to the floor, and a donut came flying over the counter toward him. He stood, quickly jumped and caught the sucker before it hit the floor. His smile grew into a loud laugh when he saw her sitting in flour. Her white face gazed at him, her clothes covered in the fluffy mess. “Are you okay?”

“I see you got your donut.” She dusted her jeans and brushed at the flour in her eyes. “I need a rag.”

Mitchell squeezed past a stool and grabbed a towel. “Here you go.” He couldn’t hold back his laughter. “You look adorable.” He reached for her hand. “Let me help you up.” With a gentle tug, he pulled her off the floor, and she fell against him. Flour smeared his suit. “Look at us.”

She burst out laughing and blew at a patch of flour on his sleeve.

“Hey! You’re making it worse,” he said.

“It’s funny,” she chuckled. Their merriment continued until Chloe analyzed his face. “You look tired.” She took her index finger and brushed his cheek. “Go back out front, I’ll bring you some coffee and fresh donuts. Here, let me get a dry towel so you can dust off your suit.”

He looked down, and saw he, too, was covered in flour. He swiped the towel across the spots he could see.

“I see a bit of dust on your back. Come here, I’ll dust you off,” she said.

After last night, he was tired. Tired of Chloe trying to ply him with brownies to convince him to reopen Jake’s case. He’d gone back to his apartment feeling more dejected and defeated than ever.

He watched her, now changed and fresh, busy as a bee getting his coffee, and his heart compressed. She didn’t know. Surely, she didn’t know that he lived and breathed her. That he loved her with all his heart. She was just as beautiful and amazing as she had been in college, if not more. Re-connecting with her only brought back all the old emotions, and if she suspected, she’d toss him out the door for having the audacity to suggest such a thing while she continued to pine the loss of her childhood sweetheart, Jake, the only man she loved. He was an interloper. Good for only one thing— to drag the river again and prove to her that Jake was gone.

She sat across from him and brushed back the dark curl that escaped her hair clip—a nervous little tick that he found endearing. He took in her clean shirt. “You look better.”

“Thanks, I always keep a change of clothes at the shop,” she said as she leaned in closer to him. “So, can you believe I got another strange phone call this morning? The voice was muffled, but it could’ve been Jake. Who else would call the bakery at—”

“Are you aware that we’ve exhausted every possible lead in the case?” He bit into the inviting, scrumptious donut. After a hard swallow, he interjected, “I don’t yield as much power as you might think.” And even if he did, he’d sound like a madman if he questioned police procedure.

“But...I’ll try.” He relented as he gazed into her chocolate brown eyes.

“I’ll love you for it.”

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Author Biography

Jeannie Sharpe has a deep love to write. Her first attempt at writing resulted in two children’s books, Once There Was An Orange Truck and Orange Truck Helps Katie the Kangaroo Find Her Friends. She has sold 8,900 copies of these titles. Her love for romance came to life when she landed a publishing contract with Solstice Publishing and now she is with Foster Embry out of New York. Her first novel, From An Office Window, was released in July 2017, which is now in it’s second edition and has a new title, The Baker’s Husband. Her second romance novel is being released on August 1, 2018, Her Daughter’s Preacher. A career in writing is a dream coming true for this mother of two, Brent, 24 and Bailey, 17. Jeannie has been married for over thirty years to Vance Sharpe. But more than her admiration for writing, her love to sing out ways it all. She shares her talents with her husband in many venues around the United States and Canada. Be on the lookout for new books by this aspiring author.

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