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Will Tess Walk Away Again or Surrender to Her Desire? Sweet Surrender (Dragons of the South #2) by @

Title: Sweet Surrender: Dragons of the South Book 2

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: R Tran Books

Book Blurb:

After two years Tess is back in Arizona. Her father and her tribe need her help. As much as she wanted to stay away, she can’t deny them. Some good came out of it at least. Dean is the local werewolf alpha and her current boyfriend. She was beginning to think he was part of the reason she was suddenly pulled home. Then Tess ran into her in a coffee shop. Tess’ world tilted. Mac is the reason Tess left Arizona in the first place. She is every bit as beautiful, and she comes with a delicious partner, Paxton. Tess’ neat little world is about to get very complicated. Will Tess walk away again or surrender to her desire?

Mac is the new leader of the dragon’s Southern Territory. So far she and her partner Paxton have had one problem after another. They were thrown in the deep end from the start and are barely treading water. Sorting out the problems on the territory is a huge headache that’s left the pair exhausted. The bigger drain on Mac most days though is her relationship with Paxton and their non-existent sex life. She is at her wit’s end until she sees her ex, Tess, the one that got away. When Paxton meets Tess, he finally shows interest in their love life. He is falling for the wrong woman, and Mac is desperately trying not to do the same. Tess broke Mac’s heart once, now she’s worried the same will happen to Paxton. However, both their beasts are pulling them helplessly towards Tess at every turn. Can Mac resist her past love? Can she keep her partner from the same heartache she felt or will they both risk it all for love?


Mac looked up to see the last person she expected. Tess one of her exes stood smiling by the register waiting for her coffee. She looked as gorgeous now as the day she left for Seattle. Her long deep brown hair hung over one shoulder in loose curls. Tan skin accented long, lean limbs visible under her plain black ¾ sleeve black dress. The prominent bone structure of her face always made her brown eyes seem larger than they were and lent an otherworldly quality to her. Mac wondered what she was doing back here.

Tess hugged her in greeting. She still smelled the same: lavender and honey. Her perfume always added rose and citrus to it making her smell like a garden. Mac didn’t realize she missed that smell until now. Tess asked if she had a few minutes to catch up. Mac could always spare time for Tess. The young man handed Tess her coffee, and they found a table.

“I missed you, Tess. What are you doing back here?” Mac asked.

Tess sighed, “My father asked me to come back. He needed help with a few things on the Res. I found a job here. It doesn’t pay as much, but it’s a living.”

“How long have you been back?” Mac asked.

“Almost seven months, I meant to call. I was busy between the job, the tribe, a new boyfriend I never have time for anything.”

“Switching teams Tess?” Mac teased.

“You know I could never resist beautiful things. It never mattered what gender.” She took a sip of her coffee. “Speaking of, who is the guy that keeps staring at you? Talk about hottie.”

Mac smiled without meaning too. She never thought of Paxton as a hottie. That was probably part of their problem as well. “My business partner,”

“The one you told me about? It finally happened? So have you two sealed the deal?” She made a crude gesture, and Mac laughed.

“No, he’s so uptight.”

“I still don’t understand why this deal is so old-fashioned,” Tess said.

“It just is,” Mac insisted.

“Right, one of those don’t ask about my shit I won’t ask about yours. I get it.” Tess tapped her finger on the table a moment thinking. “Let’s meet him then,”

‘Paxton can you bring my coffee over,’ Mac sent to him.


Paxton watched Mac closely across the room. Everywhere she went she managed to find someone to flirt with. Paxton was more than a little jealous. He was supposed to be the charming, charismatic one in the pair. Everyone seemed to love Mac though. Even here in this small town coffee shop, she found a woman to talk to.

The more Paxton observed his partner with this woman the more he realized she was different. Mac knew her. They talked like old friends. There wasn’t any awkwardness of new beginnings. Then Mac asked for her coffee. It was the perfect opportunity to see her up close. Paxton set down the coffee. Both women stared at him. He knew he was supposed to introduce himself, but this woman was stunning.

Mac pulled him into a seat “Paxton Frasier this is my good friend Tess Sparrow.”

“A pleasure to meet you,” Paxton managed. He offered his hand. She shook it. The skin was silky smooth, and the smell of lavender and honey filled his nose when they touched. It was enough to get his dragon’s attention. Sitting was getting more uncomfortable as well, although standing would be embarrassing at the moment.

Mac gave him a look ‘Stop it she’s taken,’

‘Never stopped you before,’ Paxton shot back. He was annoyed now.

“So you and Mac are business partners. That must be challenging.” She leaned in closer “Especially with the arranged marriage.”

Paxton looked at Mac who smiled innocently. He cleared his throat uncomfortably, “Well you know Mac I couldn’t confine her to a typical marriage. We agreed to a few freedoms.”

Tess leaned forward exposing voluptuous tan cleavage. She put a hand on Paxton’s “I wish my boyfriend were more like you. He’s so overprotective,” She sighed, sitting back tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Too bad you’re taken.”

“I think it’s the other way around,” Paxton told her.

Tess smiled as she got up. “Watch out Mac he’s a flirt.” She kissed Mac on the cheek. “Still at the same number?” Mac nodded “Good I’ll call you later,” she glanced at her watch. “I’m running late now.” She waved and left. Paxton watched her go.

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Author Biography

Rebecca Tran is an author and blogger with four award-winning novels. She started writing when she was sixteen as self-prescribed therapy after her father passed away and hasn’t stopped since. Rebecca is also a pharmacist, and mother to two rambunctious girls and a Boston Terrier. If she ever has free time she likes combing resale shops to add to her teapot collection or quilting. Currently, she lives in her home state of Missouri.

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