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Rejection is God's Way of Steering in the Right Direction! #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayMot

Rejection is God’s way of saying, “wrong direction”.

No one likes rejection but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. In fact, it could be the best thing for you.

I love this quote because it fits with my outlook on rejection. As a writer, rejection is a part of the job description. The publishing world is very subjective and while one person may love it, others will hate it. You have to develop a thick skin as a writer and keep going.

Throughout my life, many people have rejected me. Looking back on it, I see now that all those rejections were steering me to this very moment. I am thankful for all those people that rejected me. I would have never met MR N and have just celebrated fourteen magical years of wedded bliss.

Sure, rejection hurts. Once you have dried your tears, look at it from another perspective. This is not the end. This is just one door closing. You are a beautiful person and this is just God gently telling you that you are going in the wrong direction.

Soon, you will be going in the right direction and you will be thankful just like me!


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