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The Perception Game by @CadenceVonn is a Sizzling #NewRelease! #EroticRomance #Romance #giveaway #am

Title: The Perception Game

Author: Cadence Vonn

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb:

Perception is a sizzling reality that enflames two hearts.

When it comes to sex, school teacher Camille Weatherby considers herself an exhibitionist. She refuses to allow anyone to control her life, and relationships are out of the question. Any affairs are one-night stands, and the only thing that matters is the pleasure she garners from the thrill of possibly being caught. But an encounter with a hot stranger at a costume party leaves her disregarding that rule.

Millionaire bad boy Garrett Gerard craves control, especially in the bedroom, and money buys what he enjoys. His indiscretions have caught up with him, and his father presents an ultimatum--straighten up or lose the chance to be president of the family business. Camille tests his willpower, and he can't resist showing her what it's like to be with a dominating lover.

When their fling is discovered, Camille and Garrett are forced to fake an engagement to save their jobs. But the more they’re thrown together, the more sparks fly.


“Nice costume,” a resonant voice said from behind her. The rich tone caressed her nerves and sent tingles through her body. She tightened her grip on the crop and straightened her shoulders to appear taller. A dominatrix was in order. With slow, deliberate movements she turned, narrowed her eyes, and scanned up the male body behind her.

Skin-tight breeches with a button front clung to the muscular legs and male package. Camille hesitated and stared before she continued higher. A sword hung from the belt, and the black shirt that was tucked into the waistband, laid open for everyone to inspect the perfect abs and chest underneath. She clamped her mouth shut to hide her giggle, but failed when she reached his face and noticed a fake scar on the cheek and a raised eyebrow behind the black mask.

“Zorro?” she questioned with a laugh.

“At your service, my lady. If I can call you that.” The man bowed, his eyes never leaving her ample cleavage on display at the top of her leather bustier.

She stayed in character. With a tap of her crop against her boot she said, “I prefer ma’am.”

“As you wish. Can I get you a drink? Ma’am.” The word sounded dirty as he held her gaze.


I’m one of the authors participating in the Dog Days of Summer Reading Giveaway and you can win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Runs August 1 -31 and is open internationally.

Winner will be drawn September 3, 2018.

Good luck!

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Author Biography:

Cadence has been involved in the arts since she could pick up a crayon. She has a BFA in photography and silversmithing. If you get a glimpse of her notebooks you’ll discover she’s an accomplished doodler. She channels her daydreams into sizzling hot romances. Now she is living her dream with her husband on Whidbey Island with a view of Puget Sound outside her door.

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