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This is the Calm Before the Coming Storm. . . Can You Find the Light? #inspiration #motivation

Are you ready for the coming storm? Do you have the Light's armor protecting you from the darkness?

We live in a world where, at any moment, we could die. There's evil people in the world creating chaos through lies, deceitful acts and intimidation through violence. It seems like the hammer's coming down, doesn't it?

It reminds me of a song by Nickelback called "The Hammer's Coming Down". It's a powerful song and it talks about how we're in the midst of a battle and no matter how dark it gets, we've gotta have faith and find the Light.

We're on the precipice of a war and we have to decide which side we're going to be on. Are we going to be on the side of Truth, Light and Love or are we going to side with Liars, Darkness and Hate?

I'm a Light soldier and I'm asking, no begging, you to follow me into the Light. Strap on the kevlar of truth and tell evil forces to go back to the mire where they came from.

Find the Light and never let go!


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