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Did You Know You Have a Greater Chance of Success if You Do This. . . #motivational #WednesdayWisdom

Let me ask you a question. Are you prioritizing what's on your to-do list? There's a better way.

In order to achieve success, you need to schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing what's on your schedule.

We all sit with a schedule that's overflowing with things to do, people to see and places to be. Each item screams for our attention and it's easy to listen to the loudest scream. The problem with doing that is we tend to focus on what's grabbing us by the lapels rather than our priorities.

I work from home. I run a business as well as doing my day job. I also am a housewife and there are chores to be done every single day. Every night when MR N gets home, I'm completely exhausted. It would be very easy for me (or him) to say, "Not tonight, honey, I wiped." But guess what? Neither of us do that because making love is a priority.

See, for me, I schedule my priorities into my daily life. If I happen to not clean the washroom every day or the sweeping gets delayed a day, so I can get my priorities done, then that's what I do. Spending time with MR N is so much more important than a little dust.

Are you scheduling your priorities or are your prioritizing your schedule?

Make a shift in your perspective and schedule your priorities. Not only will you live a happier, more productive life, success is sure to follow.


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