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*** Author Spotlight *** Meet the Husband-Wife Duo Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence @AuthorsBen_Sam #ki

Hi, I’m author Ben Jackson, and I’m writing here today with my wife, Sam Lawrence! I’m excited to be here and hoping that I’ll not only make some new friends but also build up a great relationship with people interested in reading our books.

My wife and I have been in a committed long-distance relationship for over six years now. I’m originally from Tasmania, Australia, and Sam is from Ontario, Canada. We met in Australia and traveled around the world frequently. We kind of stumbled into writing books together and have been growing stronger ever since.

Sam used to be a personal assistant for several authors. One day she was organizing for a ghostwriter to write a small fiction book for one of the authors. It was terrible. I mean absolute rubbish. They were paying good money, so I said, “If she can do it, then I can do it and a whole lot better!” So, Sam said go for it, and I did. That’s how we got started. Me as a freelance writer and Sam helping me find authors. Eventually, we decided to write several of our own books.

That was all good, we made enough money to make it worth it, but nothing much else. One night when we were relaxing, I started talking about a little boy and his imaginary friend, a fart. That led us to write our first children’s book, The Day My Fart Followed Me Home. That one book has so far led to seven more Little Fart books.

For several years Sam has been thinking of writing a children’s chapter book about hockey. She grew up playing hockey in Canada and is still playing to this day. So, finally, we got our acts together and wrote Hockey Wars. This book is by far more of Sam’s blood, sweat and tears than mine. She has outlined it, developed characters and plots, and worked with the illustrator on the illustrations.

Whenever you write a book, you're excited to see it printed and in your own hands, but this book, in particular, has been one of our personal favorites. It follows as two lifelong friends, Cameron and Millie, who face off against each other on the ice to find out who’s better, girls or boys! You’ll need to read it to find out any more! We’re hoping to develop this book into a series as well and follow the characters as they develop and mature.

Writing books is hard work. It involves pouring yourself into something only for other people to critique and review it. Books can be hit and miss, especially in today's’ very competitive market. Often you write a book that you believe everyone will love, only for it to fall away into obscurity.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and we hope that you love our books as much as we do. Be sure to follow us on social media so that you don’t miss any of exciting books!

Title: Hockey Wars

Author: Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence

Genre: Children’s Chapter 8-12

Publisher: Indie Publishing Group

Book Blurb:

When hockey and friendship collide!

An old friendship is pushed to its limits as Millie and Cameron face off against each other in a grudge match to finally see who’s got the best hockey team in Dakota.

Millie and Cameron grew up as close as any two friends could be, playing together on the same hockey team and hanging out together after school. However, when the hockey team was split between boys and girls, their friendship began to change, and not for the better.

Now, Millie and Cameron are rivals, playing against each other to finally settle who has the best hockey team, boys or girls?

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Author Bios

Author Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson was born in Tasmania, Australia and is a successful indie author that has been writing for over four years. Ben is married to Sam Lawrence, and together they specialize in self-publishing children’s books. They have been married for several years and have traveled together between Australia and Canada. Ben is also a freelance writer that specializes in writing website content for businesses and a wide variety of different articles. They have published a series of children’s books called My Little Fart, as well as If I Was A Caterpillar and several other non-fiction books.

Author Sam Lawrence

Sam Lawrence was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and has traveled extensively in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She has successfully founded and operates a self-publishing company, Indie Publishing Group, that specializes in helping indie authors self-publish their books. She grew up playing hockey and still plays in a recreational league. Sam is the proud mother of two boys and enjoys volunteering with the London Lacrosse Association.

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