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  • N. N. Light

Three Things Money Cannot Buy. . . #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayThoughts

There are some things that money just cannot buy. Like manners, morals and integrity.

My grandfather taught me long ago that a person is honorable if they have manners, morals and integrity. In today's society, everything seems to revolve around money. According to many, you can buy anything with money.

I disagree and all you need for confirmation is to look in the news headlines today.

Having morals and integrity is simply doing the right thing. That's it. No matter what your spiritual belief, your soul yearns to do the right thing.

Do you do the right thing? If you see something wrong or someone being mistreated, do you look away or do you step in to help?

With today's social media and internet, it is so easy for us to help others in need. You can sign a petition. You can reach out to the victim and express your sympathy. You can do something!

I urge each one of you to do the right thing today. Live your life with dignity and integrity.


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