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*** Author Spotlight *** Meet @AuthorStacyGold -- Adventures in love and the great outdoors! #books

Like so many authors, I've always been a reader and a writer, though I didn't try my hand at writing fiction until a few years ago. In college, I got excited about any class with a term paper as a major part of the grade. After college, I wrote for local publications and for outdoor magazines like Canoe & Kayak and Kayak, as well as outdoor sports businesses. That turned into almost 12 years of owning a copywriting and marketing strategy business, and a final stint as Communications Direction of a non-profit mountain biking organization.

Interestingly, when I had my business, I gave up reading fiction almost entirely because I was too busy to lose myself in a book for hours on end. It wasn't until I closed it that I started reading novels again, and that's when I stumbled upon contemporary romance.

I was raving to my husband about a book I was reading one day, and he said, "You should write one of those." It took about two years for that seed to germinate into a story idea, and I've been writing fiction ever since. So far I’ve had my three novella Emerald Mountain ski romance series published. I’m currently working on my first full-length in a series of three backpacking romances set in Washington State.

Why I Write Outdoorsy Romance Novels

Ever since I realized I am always happiest outdoors, I’ve worked hard to create a life that lets me play in mountains, on rivers, and in forests. If I’m not outside playing or relaxing, I like to think about it. And now that I’ve been with my hubby more than twenty years, I’m a firm believer in love and romance and marrying your best friend.

Combine all that with my love of character-driven stories and outdoor sports romance novels just made sense. Romances are the ultimate character-driven stories. They form the perfect framework for telling tales about second chances, getting what you need (even when it isn’t what you thought you wanted), and much more. Incorporating my love of outdoor sports (skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, whitewater rafting & kayaking, etc.) lets me put my characters in stunning settings, then test their mettle with unique, intense, and difficult situations. Because nothing brings two people together more than sharing a special adventure—except having to deal with some sort of catastrophe far from anywhere.

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Title: Emerald Mountain Digital Boxed Set

Author: Stacy Gold

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb:

Get all three steamy, stand-alone Emerald Mountain ski romance novellas in one digital boxed set and save almost 40% off the cover prices!

(1) Just Friends – Powder skiing and hot sex combine in this sweet and spicy friends-to-lovers novelette.

(2) In Deep – Sizzling ex-lovers/Ski Patrollers work to control more than just dangerous avalanches in this second chance at love novella.

(3) Never You – It’s the last day of ski season at the backcountry hut. She doesn’t do casual—or egos. He doesn’t do serious. Are some rules made to be broken in this enemies-to-lovers novella?

Excerpt from Emerald Mountain Novella #2 In Deep

The wooden door of the ski patrol shack slammed into the wall. A gust of cold air and snow, and a tiny, powerful tornado, swept in. The door slammed shut, but the tornado kept coming.

“What is your deal, Max?” Sophie’s ski boots thudded on the plywood floor as she crossed the sparsely furnished room. Voice hard. Eyes flashing. All the fury of a goddess scorned aimed straight at me.

Shit. I crossed my ankles without thinking, unconsciously protecting the family jewels.

“What do you mean, Soph?” I kept my face and tone innocent. I hadn’t wanted this damn job. Knowing she was going to be working for me would’ve been the nail in that coffin. Too bad I didn’t find out until my first day.

“You know good and damn well what I mean.” She pushed her way right up in to my personal space. So close I could see the darker lines in her light blue irises.

So close it made it damn hard for me to think about anything other than the taste of her mouth. Except maybe how it felt to have her naked and in my personal space two years ago. Before we worked together. Before we lived two doors down from each other in employee housing.

Before I became her boss.

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Author Biography

Compulsive tea drinker. Outdoor sports junkie. Lover of good (and bad) puns.

Stacy Gold gave up her day job as Communications Director of a nonprofit mountain biking organization to write sassy, steamy, contemporary romance novels. Her stories are packed with strong, independent women finding love and adventure in the great outdoors. When Stacy’s not busy reading or writing, you can find her dancing, laughing, or playing hard in the mountains of Colorado with her wonderful hubby and happy dog.

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Twitter: @AuthorStacyGold

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