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Daddy's Curse is a series which will make you weep for the children who are pawns in the sex tra

Title Daddy’s Curse: A Sex Trafficking True Story of an 8-year Old Girl

Author Luke. G. Dahl

Genre Non-fiction Biography/Memoir

Publisher Cedenheim Publishing

Book Blurb

Have you ever experienced total despair? Yuna was just an eight-year-old girl when she experienced total devastation. Growing up in the Mongolian countryside, she wasn’t ready to face the darker side of the world. And yet she had to.

After she was kidnapped by an organized crime gang, Yuna had to overcome her fears at a young age and start taking care of herself. She tried to escape from slavery, but everybody that she encountered wanted to take advantage of her. Yuna and other girls just like her were constantly abused, beaten, raped and sold as sex slaves. Human trafficking is the worst kind of humiliation, especially for a young woman. She tried to escape and find freedom, but it wasn’t easy.

In this emotional and heart-shattering true story, author Luke G. Dahl will let you behind the curtains of sex trafficking gangs and into the soul of abused women, who try to glue the broken pieces of their soul together, in order to survive. By understanding what they have had to endure, you can find a new perspective and respect for life.


Enjoying the view a few feet from our home, at first, I heard the twigs of sticks, the rustling of leaves and then steady footsteps, but I was too young to sense danger – as imminent as it was. Even when two men suddenly grabbed me by both arms and placed a palm over my lips, I couldn’t struggle much. I was only baffled, and a bit shaken with the revelation that I was being dragged further and further away from what I knew to be home.

Both men were too careful to let go of me. They held on strongly to my arms and feet, their fingers digging deep and already causing bruises to my skin.

“Father!” I was able to mutter eventually, my shaking voice doing no justice to the cry for help that I wanted.

There weren’t just two men anymore. There was a third on a horseback a mile away from home, waiting for them with two other horses. The two men pushed me atop one of the horses immediately, one of them climbing behind me and holding me strongly in place. He smelled of urine and alcohol. I watched, disoriented, as the second man hopped on his horse too and strongly rode ahead, urging the rest to do the same.

They rode north, farther away from home and leaving only dust behind.

“Ride faster.” I heard the man in front yell. “Her family could notice her gone anytime!”

I wanted to glance back at the family I knew but a strong arm still held me in place. I could imagine now, my parents heading out of the house, terrified and troubled by my absence. Mother would probably wail my name, searching everywhere while father tried to calm her down. Eventually, staring north into the distant horizon, they would notice the specks of dust from the hooves of horses – the only proof that I was once a little girl that lived in their home.

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Author Biography

Luke Dahl was born in Sri Lanka but grew up in Stockholm after being adopted by his Swedish parents. Following high school, he went on to study at University in Brisbane, Australia, where he achieved a degree in Business/Travel and Tourism. Today, Luke is back living in Stockholm, where he works for SpaceVR as Strategy & Corporate Accountant. Luke has always had a love of writing and for poetry in particular, winning a competition a couple of years. Now he spends a lot of his free time writing scripts, perfecting his art and aiming to publish 2 books in the near future.

When he has time to relax, he enjoys going out with friends and seeing his family. He also loves to travel whenever possible and is involved in charity work through his family, constantly reminded by the Dalai Lama quote - 'Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

In the future it is Luke's burning ambition to trek to Mount Everest's base camp and perhaps even attempt to climb the mountain itself one day.

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Title Daddy’s Curse 2: A Young Boy Who Has Survived Child Slavery Remembers...

Author Luke. G. Dahl

Genre Non-fiction Biography/Memoir

Publisher Cedenheim Publishing

Book Blurb

Heaven Turned Into Hell.

When Od was growing up with his grandfather in the mesmerizing yet poverty-stricken countryside of Mongolia, he didn’t know that his life was about to turn into a living hell. His own grandparents sold him to child traffickers who took him away from his village and turned him into a slave, along with other children from the region.

A Beacon Of Hope.

Od, Altantsetseg, Chinua and Khulan were all held captive by child traffickers, but Od, being the oldest and smartest, managed to come up with an escape plan. Altantsetseg and Chinua escaped but Khulan didn’t make it. A shot was heard from behind and it was the last time they saw Khulan. But they had to keep on moving.

Life Is Odd.

Yuna. Od’s only love was going through the same hell. She managed to escape from her abusers, only to find herself back in the hands of traffickers. When she finally found her way to freedom, Od found her. That was a moment of happiness in a lifetime of sorrow.

Respecting Life.

In this eye-opening child abuse story, Luke G. Dahl, author of the best-selling book “Daddy’s Curse” offers us a different perspective. Od is a young boy and his experiences in Mongolia, China and Thailand, his efforts to overcome his emotional wounds and his struggles to find Yuna will give you a unique way to truly understand child abuse and respect for life.


“Tragedy can change any man. Your mother’s death changed your grandmother and I am sorry that she hasn’t been strong enough to love you as she should. But she loves you, you hear?”

“Yes, Grandfather,” I answered again.

“Good! Let’s go!” He helped me mount the horse again while we rode towards Dalandzadgad.

When we reached Mandalgovi Market, Nekhii and I stopped at the first shop. A tall, stern-looking man with piercing eyes emerged from it and began to walk in our direction. The moment he reached our side, he greeted Nekhii, gave her something wrapped in a leather bag and stood silently. Nekhii turned to me, took me aside and spoke.

“Od, you will go ahead with this man to get something for me. He is an acquaintance of your grandfather. Once you have collected it, he will bring you back here. My age does not allow me to walk around as much I would love to,” my grandmother said.

“Okay, Grandmother. I will go with him.” Immediately when I said this, I noticed that the face of the stern-looking man dissolved into a generous smile.

“Now go,” Nekhii said. The strange man took my hand and just as we took a few steps away from her, my grandmother’s voice stopped us.

“Wait.” We waited.

Nekhii walked over to us, took my face in her palms exactly the way Arban did to me on the way to Dalandzadgad, and said, smiling, “I love you, Od.”

“I love you, too, Grandmother,” I said as I melted into her opened arms.

“Go,” she ordered. I offered my hand to the stranger again and began to walk away from her. When I turned to see if she was still standing where we left her, I could see her wiping her face with the back of her hand. Nekhii had been crying. What was wrong? I was just going to collect something for her and the stranger will bring me back to her. I was coming back to her. I was coming back to Arban, to the stories of the mountains and the rivers and the great desert. Why was she crying as if I were walking into some great darkness that I might never return from again? I began to smile. Grandfather was right—Nekhii, my grandmother, had always loved me.

Now I believed.

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Title Daddy’s Curse 3: The Birth of A Monster

Author Luke. G. Dahl

Genre Non-fiction Biography/Memoir

Publisher Cedenheim Publishing

Book Blurb

Seeds of Malevolence

Bat Erdene was the only child of rich oriental parents. Growing up, he had everything a kid should want, except the most important thing—parental affection. From the outside, Bat had a perfect childhood, but it was another story altogether when the doors were closed. Growing up in an environment where his mother was abused regularly by his father without respite, will damage Bat's psyche tremendously, and will lead to him committing offenses that slowly increased in gravity until it culminated in the ultimate crime. Patricide.

Vicious Cycle

Much older now and in ownership of his father's estate with the help of his mentor Ming, as well as being married with a daughter, Bat seems to be in perfect control of his life—except for his perverted attraction to little boys. A dirty secret that he had no intention of stopping.

Last Straw

Convinced he would never be able to escape the vicious cycle of abuse, he decides to send his daughter away and fully gives in to the life of a criminal and masterminds a vast network of child-trafficking. He comes into contact with Od, Altantsetseg and Chinua, taking a liking to Od and his friends and abusing them every chance he got.

Profoundly poignant and deeply moving, Luke G. Dahl weaves another heart-rending tale about negligence, abuse, tragedy, blackmail and finally, hope.


“Bat, what do you think the moral of this story is?” Even at such a young age, I could tell he was angry for some reason. It was getting easier and easier to tell.

“Always obey your parents?” I answered it as a question, which made him furrow his brows even more.

“I didn’t hear you.” He raised his voice and I answered with more assertiveness this time.

“Good,” Father mused. “Obedience. Order. Submission. If you want to succeed in life, Bat, you must make people submit and obey your will, and you must also obey the will of others above you.” He walked over to my mother, who looked like she was going to die.

“And when they disobey your will…” he chimed as my mother shook her head vehemently, already crying and rubbing her hands together as an attempt to plead with him.

“You punish them,” he simply stated before landing a hot slap on my mother’s face that sent her staggering backward and clutching the swollen area.

“Please, please, Chuluun. I beg—”

Her pleas were cut short as he grabbed her throat and jammed her head against the wall, causing her to groan and try to claw his larger, stronger hand with her little ones to no avail.

“If you obey, you will be given anything you want!” he barked, slapping her face with the back of his hand.

“Follow me, Bat!” my father ordered, and I complied. He dragged my mother by the hair from my room to theirs, kicking her along the way while all she could do was writhe and wiggle in pain, screaming for every kick he gave her and groaning all the way.

“This…Is…How…You…Command…Respect!!”Father shouted with a slap, kick or punch for each word he emphasized. I just stood there, confused, scared and shocked. Was this really how to command respect and obedience from people? I stood still, barely blinking and only flinching when he gave her hard hits. Father beat Mother to his satisfaction that day, and after he was done, he ordered Mother to clean the shit up, referring to her blood, before walking away and going down the stairs. I quietly walked to the bathroom and got a towel prior to pouring water in a bowl then went to where my mother remained, sprawled upon the floor in her own blood. I helped her up and cleaned her nose, which kept seeping out blood. I cleaned her up and cleaned the room while she rested.

“You are a good son, Bat,” my mother chimed as I was about walking away.

“You are an even better mother,” I replied before leaving.

I was eight years old then, and that was the last time my father and I really talked about any issue until my teenage years. This was the life I grew up in.

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