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Book Heaven Wednesday Presents Thalia, the Widows of Wildcat Ridge Series Book 7 by Charlene Raddon

Title Thalia, the Widows of Wildcat Ridge Series Book 7

Author Chalene Raddon

Genre Western Historical Romance

Book Blurb

Thalia Plunkett has loved Duncan Moon, known as Dinky, all her life. Now he's in big trouble. Can Thalia help Duncan kick the booze threatening to kill him, and win his love? Or will he choose whiskey over her?

And who is the mysterious man watching Thalia?


When she got back to the office and climbed the stairs, she found Dinky lying on the floor. Dumping her packages on the table she knelt beside him. "Dinky, what are you doing out here. Get back in bed."

"I thought you left me." He looked and sounded like a whiney little boy. "I thought you'd gone."

"Come on, I'll help you back to bed."

"Will you stay with me?"

She gaped at him. "In your bed?"

His eyes widened, and his mouth hung open. "No. I'd never ask you to do that."

"All right. Come on."

She got him back in bed and returned to the kitchen to boil the beef bones for broth. She'd gotten some with bits of meat left on, knowing or at least hoping, he could handle a little substance.

"Thalia? You still here?"

She went to his doorway. "Yes, I'm here. I'm making some broth to help settle your stomach. You still feel sick?"

He shook his head. "I'm cold though."

As if to demonstrate, his entire body shuddered. "Tremors," she said. "Doc Spense warned me about them. Don't worry. I'll get you through this."

"Warm me up, Topper."

She fetched more quilts from a chest and piled them on. "I have to check on the broth now," she said and left him alone.

When she returned, she found him throwing quilts onto the floor. "I'm hot. Why are there so many covers on me? Thalia? Is that you?"

"Of course it's me. Who else would it be? Claramae?" The moment she said it, she recognized her mistake.

"Don't say that name to me," he yelled. "I don't ever wanna hear that name again. That lying, cheating whore. I hope she rots in hell."

"I know." She went to his side and tried to comfort or at least calm him. "I understand. I'm sorry, Dinky. I won't say it again and you won't ever have to worry about her again. She's gone, okay?"

"Gone? Who's gone?"

Doc Spense had said he'd get confused, maybe even see things that weren't there. He'd said to just go along with whatever Dinky said, within reason.

"No one, Dinky. Never mind. Just sleep." On impulse, she began singing a lullaby her mother used to sing.

"Sleep, my baby, on my bosom,

Warm and cozy, it will prove,

Round thee mother's arms are folding,

In her heart a mother's love."

His eyelids slid closed and she tiptoed from the room, still singing.

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Author Biography:

Charlene Raddon never planned on being a writer. She was an artist until she awoke one morning to a scene in a dream she knew had to be in a book. She pulled out a typewriter and is still writing today, almost 40 years later. Instead of creating a scene with paints and a brush, she does it now with words and emotions. Charlene is a bestselling author of western historical romance and a book cover designer.

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