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Book Heaven Wednesday Presents Angel's Collar by @AnnaHagueAuthor #eroticromance #bookboost #BDS

Title: Angel’s Collar

Author: Anna Hague

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Wild Rose Press


I have it all...until he shows me more. I didn’t intentionally spill wine all over the most beautiful guy in the room, and one look at those icy-blue eyes brings on a major lapse in coherent speech. Jordan Caldera tells me his secret and wants me to join him. This is where my journey into submission begins. So much about BDSM freaks me out, but at the same time, I can’t help but be intrigued. When I imagine Jordan doing those things to me, I can’t resist the adventure. Mind-blowing sex aside, my life is changing at an alarming rate and getting very complicated. Between balancing my career and my best friend's concerns, the secrets I'm keeping are killing me. What am I willing to risk for the new lifestyle I've embraced...and the man I love?


By the time we finished our walk, the butterflies

had absorbed the wine, but a nauseous sense of

melancholy crept into my body.

Our date neared the end.

“I want to walk you to your car.” We stood face to

face under the glow of a corner streetlight, oblivious to

the pedestrians skirting around us to cross the street.

“I got lucky and scored street parking just a block

down the street.”

“I still would like to walk with you. Just to be


The brief five minute-walk to my car at least

extended our evening. Standing near my door, just far

enough away not to impede oncoming traffic, we stood

in an awkward silence. Was he going to kiss me or not?

I got my answer when his lips attached to mine in a

gentle caressing, chaste and too short kiss. Still though,

his lips ignited a fire, and I couldn’t help but remember

Danny Morgan. Danny from high school, who became

the love of my life, my fantasy future husband, and the

recipient of my virginity. We lasted three months, and

until now, he was the best kisser in the world.

Danny had been dethroned, drawn, and quartered.

Jordan stepped away, his ice-blue gaze freezing me

in place. I licked my lips to taste him when he

demolished any personal space between us and

descended upon my mouth. This time, not so gentle, but

rather possessive. His tongue circled my lips as he palmed my cheeks with his hands, keeping my head immobile. I braced myself, placing my hands on the hood of my car.

I could not breathe.

With little coaxing, I opened my mouth letting him

inside, tasting the rich oak and cherry of the wine on his

tongue. He prodded to go deeper, and I fought the

sensation my legs would give out. Catching my tongue

with his teeth, he nibbled at first, and then tickled the

roof of my mouth. I became aware of myself bending

backward over the hood, but Jordan released my head

to wrap his arms around my waist, holding me steady,

warming my body in the January chill.

I opened my eyes when he broke our connection

millimeter by millimeter. The ice blue in his was now a

deep cobalt.

He brushed a stray hair from my cheek and

whispered in my ear. “I don’t want you to forget me.”

My mouth kept opening, but no words had the

gumption, or the ability to piece together a phrase.

“I hope we can continue what we’ve started. I quite

like the taste of you.”

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Author Biography:

Anna Hague grew up in Indiana the youngest of nine children and graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in journalism. She has worked as a sports journalist for over two decades covering events from the high school level to professional. An auto-racing enthusiast, she has covered 17 Indianapolis 500s and interviewed racing legends such as Mario Andretti and A.J. Foyt. Currently, Anna does free-lance sports reporting to allow more freedom to write romance.

Her and her husband has lived all over the country, but returned to Indiana in 2003.

She has written bits and pieces of many stories, sometimes between innings of a baseball game or halftime of a basketball game. But in 2015, she got serious about pursuing romance writing as a career and within a year, her debut contemporary novel Captured Hearts published.

Following its release, she signed with Wild Rose Press to write an erotic series. The first book in the Love Strictly Tested series Angel’s Collar published in August of 2018 and two more will follow.

Because she loves to read all types of romance, Anna is sure her future publications will be contemporary, erotic, historical, rom com, romantic suspense, and she even has some ideas for a few sweet romances.

Anna and her husband have no children, but have three parrots and two dogs. They do call the 11 foreign exchange students their children.

She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Indiana Romance Writers of America.

Follow her social networks or contact her by email: or through her website

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Twitter: @AnnaHagueAuthor

Instagram: AnnaHagueAuthor

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