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A compelling #paranormalromance with a villain you’ll love to hate. . . His Magic Touch by @DebbyGra

Title: His Magic Touch

Author: Debby Grahl

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

The night before Jared Dupre's wedding, a specter warns him the demonic witch, Adam Montief, has kidnapped his brother in a centuries-old vendetta unknown to Jared. A powerful witch himself, Jared tracks Adam from New Orleans to a remote island off the coast of Connecticut where he's given no choice. He must rescue his brother and break his engagement to Kendra O'Connell, or they both die. After complying, Jared engages in a sword fight and believes he has vanquished his foe, but when he returns to New Orleans, he finds evil still threatens all he loves. Kendra, not knowing why Jared broke their engagement, devastated, finds solace in another's arms. With help from an ancestor's spirit, can Jared defeat the dark magic descending over the Big Easy while winning back the woman he loves?

My Review:

Jared Dupre is at his bachelor’s party at a strip club when he sees a ghost beckoning him outside. No need to worry, this is commonplace for a witch like Jared. He follows her only to find out his brother’s been kidnapped by a rival witch. In order to protect Kendra, the woman he loves and is about to marry, he breaks off his engagement. He fights his foe and returns to New Orleans, thinking his beloved is safe from harm. Instead, she has fallen under the spell of his arch rival and is in more danger. Can he save her using the power of his ancestor’s spirit or will he lose Kendra forever to the dark magic?

I’m a huge fan of witchy paranormal romances and this one packs quite a punch. Fast-moving with a despicable villain who’s bent on enacting revenge on the whole Dupre family, His Magic Touch gripped me from the first page. I found Jared a wonderful character to root for. Kendra, on the other hand, didn’t appeal to me. The way she falls into the arms of the villain without much resistance did grate on my nerves.

What made this an incredible book was the way Grahl infused New Orleans into the storyline. So visual was the writing, I could smell the beignets and coffee, hear the jazz float down the streets and feel the pulse that is New Orleans.

If you’re looking for a compelling paranormal romance with plenty of action, magic, romance and a villain you’ll love to hate, pick up His Magic Touch today.

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Debby Grahl lives on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with her husband, David. Besides writing, she enjoys biking, walking on the beach and a glass of wine at sunset. Her favorite places to visit are New Orleans, New York City, Captiva Island in Florida, the Cotswolds of England, and her home state of Michigan. She is a history buff who also enjoys reading murder mysteries, time travel, and, of course, romance. Visually impaired since childhood by Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), she uses screen-reading software to research and write her books.

Her first published book, The Silver Crescent, won the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers’ Choice award. Her second book, Rue Toulouse, a contemporary romance set in New Orleans, was a finalist in the National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award and was selected as a May, 2016, ‘local read’ by Hilton Head Monthly.

Decorated to Death is a holiday mystery cozy. She also has stories in three anthologies, The Haunted West, Never Fear/Christmas Terrors; and Ebb and Flow from the local Island Writers’ Network.

Debby was featured in the January, 2016, Hilton Head Monthly article ‘Intriguing People of the Lowcountry’. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Florida Romance Writers, and First Coast Romance Writers.

Her latest book, His Magic Touch, was released December 5, 2018, by Wild Rose Press.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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