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Celebrate romance with Teardrop In My Eye by @grea_warner #romance #99cents #giveaway

Title: Teardrop In My Eye

Author: Grea Warner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

A teardrop sends out many ripples…

The road that Lara and Finn Murphy have taken together has been full of curves and bumps and foggy patches. But despite his demanding country music career and tragedies along the way, they found forever with each other. And now, with the addition of their two young children, their home is filled with even more love and joy.

But, when Finn goes on his summer tour without Lara and the kids, some of the pieces of their idyllic life begin to crumble. Lara struggles with who she is as an individual, especially after finding herself in a perilous situation. Their son, Chance, starts to act out because he is missing his dad. And Finn feels like he can’t protect any of them like he wants to.

Instead of it getting better upon the musician’s return, though, things only get worse. The couple, torn apart by false accusations and poor choices, must find a way to come together when heartbreaking news is revealed. Is there any way they can turn all the tears of sadness to ones of happiness?


The wall that Chance had just built up was brought down thanks to a more and more mobile seven-month-old. “No!” Our son’s little voice seemed to mimic one that I would sometimes use when reprimanding his baby sister.

Startled by her brother’s insistent voice, Arinn looked to me for some sort of guidance, assistance, or even scolding of my own. But, quite frankly, I didn’t have any of that in me at the moment. I was too busy building my own walls. Although mine weren’t made of mini-plastic molds. Mine were emotional, inner-being ones. I was trying to secure my heart from Finn’s impending departure.

Regardless, I was still “mom.” I took a deep breath, bent down to the kids’ level, and pulled a block out of Arinn’s hand just as she tried to stick it in her mouth. Looking at her instantly weepy eyes and face, I tried to explain to Chance. “She’s not doing it to be mean. She’s just curious—learning how things go together or,” —I added with a note of pessimistic truth— “fall apart.”

Entering then, with the ever-symbolic suitcase in his hand, Finn joined us. He first picked up the baby and blew bubbles on her belly, causing her to laugh infectiously. Then, after giving her a most sweet kiss on the top of her head, he set her back down and asked Chance to walk him to the front door. I made sure Arinn was secure and joined them.

Crouching down to Chance’s level, Finn ruffled our son’s hair and said, “You’re going to be the man of the house for a little while, bud. You have to take good care of the girls.”

“Where are you going ‘gain, Daddy?”

I knew Finn had already explained to Chance about the tour. In fact, we both had been preparing him for a while in subtle ways for Finn’s departure. But, whether it was because Chance was too young to understand, or he was trying to procrastinate his daddy’s leaving like he did bedtime, he asked again.

“On the road.” Finn remained patient as my heart pattered a little harder with the reality of his words.

“Which road?” Chance asked, making me smile at his toddler simplicity. He probably thought it was the road where the supermarket or library was.

“Lots of them, Little Man.”

“When you coming back?”

“Fireworks day.” Finn met my eyes and stood up in front of me.

Emotional, especially upon hearing the second beep of the car service outside, I nodded my head up and down, unable to do much more. His caring hands form-fitted my cheeks before he kissed me. It was long and soft, but it was also goodbye.

“Why you crying, Daddy?” Chance peered up from the midst of our collective knees.

As discreetly as he could, Finn brushed the rare straggler from his eye and looked at me with an actual trace of bashfulness. I couldn’t do or say a thing. I had somehow remained stoic—both for our little man and for my big man. And the slightest acknowledgement would destroy my façade.

“Think I must be getting Mommy’s allergies.” Finn by far stretched the truth for Chance and then mouthed,” I love you” to me before turning and walking out the door.

I let Chance stand at the doorway and wave like he usually did when Finn would go away for a few days. I would normally be right beside our son. But I just couldn’t this time. Instead, I told him to make sure to shut the door once Daddy waved and to play nicely with his sister for a little bit. In the meantime, I hastily retreated to our master bedroom.

It wasn’t long after when the text from Finn came through. Wipe those tears.

I did as I was told and then texted back. Just allergies. LOL!!

Where R U hiding? Finn texted in an omniscient way.

On your side of the bed, I admitted via text.

Near the door???

I laughed because, even emotional, I wouldn’t let my phobia of being closer to the door lead me astray. Well, I’m on my side but w/your pillow.

He sent me a hug emoji. I miss U already.

Mine was a sad face. Me 2.

I love U, Rox.

Forever, Cowboy.

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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

I love creating and building characters that deal with real life problems and all of the emotions that go with them. In general, we are most emotional when dealing with those we love. So, writing about a couple on their journey together brings out all the feels – friendship, doubt, love, fear, regret, anger. I love being able to really dive into these feelings as they pertain to the characters. And, when readers tell me they get emotional reading my books, it makes it even more worthwhile.

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Write to that other person. Put down in words how you feel on a regular basis. It could be a daily sticky-note every morning, some simple “thinking of you” texts, a personalized “miss you” note when they are traveling, a daily journal entry, a letter sent on memorable days throughout the year... Write it down – it is a treasure for not only that day but a keepsake for years to come.

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Author Biography:

There really wasn’t any other path. Grea Warner knew from a young age that she wanted to write. She was born to write. First it was in diaries with little metal keys and in written tales that she slipped to friends in study hall. School newspapers, a college television drama, and internships in the soap opera world were next. After producing and writing a local show, she decided to delve into the world of the novelist. When her fingers aren’t tapping out her latest book filled with angst and romance, Grea can be found hiking the trails or jamming to her favorite country artists on the radio.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @grea_warner

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