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Book Recommendation | Alexandria: World Class Life Story by @AuthorBdl #bookboost #inspy #bookish

Title: Alexandria: World Class Life Story

Author: BDL

Genre: Dystopian Bio-Political Fiction Drama

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

Book Blurb:

Her biggest win came at the finish line, but her greatest triumph was the Endgame. Ruth is a legendary athlete of the late twenty-first century whose autobiography inspires a dynamic political rebellion in a future dystopian Judeo-Christophobic America. Her incredible World Class Life Story is paralleled by a quest to salvage her beloved nation from extermination. But, she must first find a way to embolden a new generation of patriots to stand against the oppressive establishment.

Alexandria is a powerful drama that ambitiously explores what happens in this type of society. Will this be the end of America? And liberty? Discover the importance of following through with commitments no matter the cost. Are you ready to see how this provocative epic tale unfolds? So get set. Get ready. And gear up for the spellbinding dramatic “End Game”.

*She raced past the finish line toward the End Game—because she loved her country. Alexandria: World Class Life Story.

**The story portrays political and religious themes. Though not excessive, it does contain some violence, explicit language and sensual content.


Springtime in April arrived and still after all those years— Ruthie’s favorite time of year in her beloved adopted home state of Virginia. Though originally from the great state of Texas, earlier on in life Ruth discovered something in Virginia that Texas couldn’t give her. And that wonderful something was endowed upon her during a new beginning which could only be properly described by someone anointed to chronicle her life story. As Ruth stepped onto the front porch of the home she’d known for nearly eighty years, she viewed the beautiful spring morning with a newfound appreciation for the simple things. Waking up at age 105, still able to take her morning walks with her dogs, and getting around relatively independently just to name a few.

“Thank you, Lord, for my health and independence. My family, albeit spread throughout the various regions of our country, are all safe and accounted for. And today, I travel down to Miami, Florida, for two purposes. One to see my great-grandchildren Quin and Anna as her time’s near to give birth. He’s a boy and we ask that you’ll grant this baby an extra blessing of health and well-being. And I’m partial to a particular name no doubt but that’s the parents’ decision. Secondly, to find the author that you have in mind to write my life story. Thank you . . . Amen.”

This trip to Miami was planned a month earlier around the time of initiating the biographer quest. Ruth had been in contact with a certain Miami based author of interest and decided to mix business with pleasure during her trip down there. Upon arrival, she met with the writer for a series of face to face lunch interviews in order to get a feel for her. Although the encounters were positive and she liked this writer as a person. Unfortunately, something, for reasons unknown to Ruth at that time, was absent. God has a way of letting you know if something is of him. Due to the fact that her peace was offset, Ruth ultimately realized it was him nudging her spirit to keep looking for the right one because that particular highly experienced, well qualified, and sought-after writer wasn’t. Back to square one, it seemed.

“Lord, I don’t have much time for this. It’s been almost two months and no author. You’ve told me my time isn’t long. Please, show me the light and reveal him or her to me before I leave Florida,” a frustrated Ruthie prayed.

*Because of her, they just might stand. Will Ruth find a biographer? Find out in Alexandria: World Class Life Story by BDL.

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From the Author:

BDL would like to thank each and every one of youJ. Hopefully the story influences you in some positive way. BDL would love to hear about how the story affected you and if you feel so inclined then honest reviews, either way, are always helpful. Also please feel free to email any respectful and clean comments, questions or thoughts to BDL at

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