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New Release | Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8 by USA Today Bestseller @PaulineBJones #newreleas

Title Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8

Author Pauline Baird Jones

Genre Science Fiction Romance

Book Blurb

She’s a gifted scientist. He’s a robot with a human mind. Can they save a lost ship and find love among the stars?

Nivi awakes from cryosleep plagued by guilt. The scientific genius had hoped her people would avoid war if she went into cold sleep, but she learns her sacrifice was in vain. And now a vicious enemy approaches a stranded Earth spaceship. Desperate to reactivate the technology she needs for the rescue, Nivi enlists the help of an attractive robot with a human consciousness and wisdom beyond his years…

Moose survived slavery but never forgot the feeling of worthlessness it forced upon him. After living in the body of a robot for years, he sees an opportunity to help the brilliant Nivi if he becomes human once again. In a new body with new dangers, he worries that the genius scientist will never see him as more than the robot he once was.

Outnumbered by a relentless foe, Nivi and Moose attempt to put their desires on hold to ensure humanity’s survival.

With time running out, can they defeat the enemy and enjoy a future filled with love?

Maestra Rising is the eighth novel in the epic Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like gripping adventures, captivating characters, and emotional out-of-this-world encounters, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ thrilling saga.

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With their hands lightly clasped, Nivi drew one of his hands closer and pushed the other away. And then she started them in the warm-up phase of the anaid.

Push away. Push together. Don’t lose contact.

It added a new dimension to do it this way, with their gazes locked on each other, too. The movements were slow, sensual even, heat building between them that wasn’t all from exertion. At times only the tips of their fingers touched, at others they were in full body contact. She’d assumed desire would distract, but it didn’t. She felt herself move into first fugue state earlier and with less effort.

The music’s pace picked up and so did their movements. They still sought contact, but the moves became more combative as if he knew this would aid her in reaching the next fugue state.

With one fist in his palm, she thrust with the other, high, switch hands, go low, then toward the center. Thrust, counter thrust, but she stopped the force right before contact, as did he. The bulk of the battle happened inside her head. She spun briefly losing contact, but his hands came around her waist and now she moved with her back to his front. He did not falter or stumble once, his moves mirroring hers. How was this possible?

She spun in his hold and watched him now. Then she realized that he wasn’t just matching her moves. She was matching his. Or rather, neither followed the other. They moved together as if they knew each other’s movements, sending her through the fugue states with an ease she’d never experienced before.

“He doesn’t know me,” she said, spinning again, her elbow jab blocked by his arm. She turned again. “You know me better than he ever did.”

His gaze glowed with fire and he brought it to the anaid. If anyone had been watching, they’d have thought it was a fierce battle, not two people making love the only way they could for now.

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Author Biography

USA Today Bestselling author Pauline Baird Jones never liked reality, so she writes books. She likes to wander among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla, because she does love peril mixed in her romance. Loves chocolate, bacon, flamingoes, and mid-century modern anything.

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