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Book Heaven Wednesday presents Parhelion, book 3 of the Forces of Nature series by @lisajlickel #sci

Title Parhelion, book 3 of the Forces of Nature series

Author Lisa J Lickel

Genre Romantic Science Fiction

Publisher Fox Ridge Publications

Book Blurb

Parhelion—prisms dogging the sun. it’s a rainbow hope of reaching the stars for a small group of colonists preparing to preserve life.

Maeve Michels hit earth hard, falling in love with a former Air Force test pilot. No longer in the military, Harry Kane’s mysterious work as a consultant for a space engineering company piques Maeve’s interest. Maeve’s sixth sense says there’s more to Harry than he’s telling her, but with the world about to fall apart, she must decide to trust him with her future. Harry is keeping a secret from Maeve—he has to, or his one chance at being a real hero goes up in flames with the rest of the planet. His assignment: get her to join the program, and him. Hopefully willingly.

With war no longer empty threats and posturing, Maeve and Harry are about to take part in the most important experiment in human history. Bigger secrets threaten not only their survival but their fragile co-existence with the cosmos.

If you could choose, what kind of a world do you want to live in?


Al raised his head and flashed into serious mode with narrowed eyes and a less delicate tone. “You’re your father’s daughter, all right. It’s no secret that things are going very badly around the world. It’s not only economic, but philosophical. Four international groups of people have been studying the problem for two generations.” He stood and waved his hand at the door and by inclusion, the whole compound. “The result of the second and third generation living in partially closed, almost self-sustaining, community.”

That made more sense than anything else he’d said.

“Almost,” she said under her breath. Aloud, “You’re saying these people have been living in this compound for…decades?”

He nodded.

“And the kids…you?”

He shook his head.

“Are the product of living inside…”

He seemed to want her to go on.

“They’ve never been outside? Do they understand?”

Al took her arm again. “There’s much more than that.”

Spots swirled in front of Maeve’s eyes. She fumbled for the chair and sat. No way could this have been a world-wide secret, not the way satellites and uber-nosy reporters could read under every sort of skin. No way… “Why didn’t Harry tell me this directly?” she said faintly.

The doctor stared back into the empty room. This time Maeve waited, trying very, very hard not to let her imagination run beyond the solar system.

“He was on assignment,” Al said.

Maeve heard the reluctance in his voice, disappointment. With Harry? Her? Himself for sharing the big secret? The truth?

Then it sunk in. Maeve was the assignment. Figured. She filed that cozy thought away for later when she could confront Harry firsthand.

“Something happened,” he said, a far-away look shadowing his face. “Something we didn’t expect.”

Maeve knew it was bad when the shrink couldn’t face his shrinkee. She probably didn’t want to hear and started to count floor tiles to calm herself.

“Anyway…” Al lightened up and switched back into serenity mode. Maybe they could do yoga for an hour, clear their heads. “Harry began to work on the habitat project, as you know. He met your father, and you…and the rest is history.”

Liar. What was going on here might have been two generations to them, but was only the beginning for her. Maeve folded her arms and twisted on the swivel chair, turning herself counter-clockwise. “Did the ‘something we didn’t expect’ keep you…us…” Might as well throw all in if he invoked Gervas.

“Grounded? Or send us out there?” She stopped and stared at him. “To space?”


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I’m one of the authors participating in the Dog Days of Summer Reading Giveaway and you can win an e-copy of Meander Scar, book 1 of Forces of Nature or the Michels Girls Wedding Album.

Runs August 1 - 31 and is open internationally.

Winner will be drawn September 1, 2019.

Author Biography

Lisa Lickel is an author, editor, and mentor who lives with her husband in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. Surrounded by books and dragons, she writes inspiring fiction both short and full-length, including mysteries, romance and family drama, feature articles, and radio theater. She belongs to the Wisconsin Writers Association, the Chicago Writers Guild and is a writing coach at Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp & Writing Retreat. Lisa loves to encourage new authors through mentoring, speaking, and leading workshops. Lisa also is an avid book reviewer and blogger, and a freelance editor. Find more at

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