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Hot Lap by @leslieSwrites is a Binge-Worthy Book Festival Pick #romance #newadult #giveaway #99cents

Title: Hot Lap

Author: Leslie Scott

Genre: New Adult Romance

Book Blurb:

Starting a new life isn't easy when the skeletons locked in her closet are the notorious town drunk for a father and a haunted past. But, Hadley Morgan isn't one to shy away from second chances or giving them either. When a young, single father wrapped up in an octane fueled package takes particular interest in her, she begins to dream. But well-known drag racer Aiden Casey is also her boss, making her hesitate to grab at her chance at happiness. Will her secrets shatter their chance at love or will his past come back to destroy both of them?


Before anyone could question Aiden’s sudden appearance, he grinned at Jordan. I jogged behind Breanna as she edged closer. “So, how about a hot lap, Slater?”

Jordan’s brow furrowed beneath the brim of his dark ball-cap. The affable excitement of the moment replaced by an almost suffocating tension.

I leaned to whisper in Breanna’s ear. “What’s a hot lap?”

“Turning the car around, making another run right now without a real cool down period on the engine.” She chomped hard on the candy in her mouth, it gave with an audible crack.

“In what?” The answering engine rumble fired behind me. My head swiveled in time to see Hunter inside the Camaro, rolling off the back of the trailer.

Chills skittered across my skin.

“Aiden—” The happiness and color had drained from Raelynn’s face.

Her brother’s rebellious lift of his shoulders spoke volumes.

“You didn’t tell me it was ready.” Jordan hitched his chin at the car then leveled a hard stare at Aiden.

Everyone there would have flinched, but he smiled brighter in dimple winking challenge. “If ya scared, say ya scared, Slater.”

Jordan’s upper lip curled, and he took one step away from Raelynn and closer to Aiden. “Boy,” he drawled out the one word. “When have I ever been scared of you?”

Breanna and I were members of the small circle that seemed to surround them now. No one outside heard Aiden’s quiet reply. “You need this as much as I do, brother.”

“Let’s do it.” Jordan never looked away as he pulled his and Raelynn’s joined hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

The crowd dispersed like a colony of disturbed ants. Everyone shooting off in different directions.

“Isaac,” Vic shouted and tossed the flashlight to his little brother. “You flag it, this one I gotta roll with my boy.”

When Vic jogged over to the Malibu, Aiden clutched at his chest as if he was wounded.

He turned and looked at me for the first time that night. “Which lane are you riding with, Hadley?”

Buy Links:

99 cents for a very limited time! Grab your copy now.

What’s the first binge-worthy book you read and why was it a must-read?

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi … yes, I know, not romance. However, it was the first book I ever read from the beginning to end without stopping (took me not quite four hours). The story (no spoilers here) while science fiction was such a fresh take on the genre and the hero was so… awesome, that I was sucked right in. Also, the heroines of the series are both complete kickbutt females that its doubly amazing.

What makes this a binge-worthy book?

The Casey clan and the small town of Arkadia Texas are a part of me, they’ve come to life in my mind. This particular novel is binge worthy because it’s an outsider’s look into their world, a story about belonging and changing for the better, all the while under an intense high octane backdrop. Love, scandal, speed, passion, all wrapped up in one novel with Hadley’s story of exactly how far a woman is willing to go for her family and for love.


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Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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Open internationally

Runs August 1 – 31

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Author Biography:

Award nominated author of Two Hearts, One Stone and the Arkadia Fast Series, Leslie Scott has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. The happier the ending, the better. Currently, she lives and writes amidst her own happily ever after with her soul mate, son, and domestic zoo.

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