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In His Sights by @LauraMBaird is a Fall Into These Great Reads Pick #romance #militaryromance #PNR #

Title: In His Sights

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Romance: Contemporary, Military, Paranormal/Shifters

Book Blurb:

~Editor's Pick~

Intelligence analyst Charity Masters is raising her niece after the death of her brother. If that isn’t enough to up-end her world, she’s pulled into a government project involving shifters, and a handsome distraction in the form of tempting hawk shifter, Mason. Although her strong personality has kept men at a distance, will she allow Mason close enough to appreciate the woman inside?

As clan leader of his Native American tribe, Mason Wegi wants to ensure their relationship with the government remains beneficial but well-contained. While focusing on a project involving human and shifter DNA experimentation, not only will he have to safeguard his people, but that of the alluring and willful beauty, Charity.

Will two people from different worlds come together for their happily-ever-after?


Charity shielded her eyes from the sun as she watched the hawk circle above her. The creature looked majestic as it effortlessly rode the air, and she wished she could be as free, if only for a few hours. With the run she had planned, that was as close to being free as she’d get. Since moving to Arizona, she was settling into a routine, exploring the trails that provided the blessed release for her grief. She had escaped to this oasis every day for several weeks, realizing it had become her favorite. The mid-March weather was perfect for her midday trek.

Though this valley was full of bird of prey, she swore it was the same bird she’d seen almost every day, and even at a distance, she could tell the hawk was larger than any other she’d seen before. The sun made its feathers shine, the myriad of tan, brown, and cinnamon appearing luminescent. Not only were there various birds overhead, but a few species darted along the desert floor, seeking out insects and rodents for their nourishment. It wasn’t uncommon to trot past cacti and bushes, and send rabbits, snakes, and critters scurrying. This in turn sent the birds into predator mode as they dove toward their target, snatched it up, and careened once again into the sky. Their aerial acrobatics were dynamic to witness.

Realizing she’d been standing in place just watching the hawk until it had soared out of sight, Charity resumed her jog.

After getting Brady back on track and saying good bye once again, she had gone home to change clothes. Correction—Jake’s home. She was still getting used to it being hers, having made no changes that would say otherwise. The few possessions she brought in the move besides her wardrobe consisted of a handful of boxes containing family memorabilia and some of her favorite books. Not wanting to disrupt Leah’s life, her routine, nor her surroundings, everything at the house would remain the same.

The house was located southeast of base, close to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. After making her way out of the winding neighborhoods, she ran the trails and easy sloping hills, as well as along the San Pedro River. This was the escape Charity sought. To be surrounded by nature instead of building after building. Breathing fresh air instead of car exhaust. Hearing the sounds of birds and insects, and even the lazy rush of the river instead of horns and people. So many people.

As she cleared the trail, she was pleased with the blade she had switched to instead of her daily prosthetic, thankful it performed nicely on the terrain. Mindful of her time after an hour, she decided to head back. Without warning, a screech sounded from above, jolting her concentration. She stumbled over a rise and ended up in a prone position, her hands braced in the dirt, preventing her from a face plant. An unmistakable clicking noise had her carefully adjusting her sight, realizing she was less than two feet away from a rattlesnake. The reptile was coiled tightly, its head towering above its body, flicking its tongue repeatedly while its tail shook incessantly.

Charity froze, fearful of a strike if she even dared to breathe. With extreme care, she began infinitesimal movements, easing her body back, preparing for a roll. Another screech sounded and Charity sucked in her breath, watching in horror as the snake moved to attack. Before she thought to make her move, a form streaked in front of her, causing her to flinch and drop to the ground, attempting to curl into a ball. When she felt nothing save for the dust filling her nostrils and the scrape of her skin across rocks, she lifted her head to see the snake gone. Rolling to her back, she watched as the hawk she spotted earlier soared away, the snake clutched in its talons. She tried to control her breaths as she stared in disbelief, knowing the bird had just saved her life.

Collapsing against the earth, she closed her eyes and took a moment to allow her heart rate to return to normal. A chuckle escaped her, minutes passed, and before she knew it, she was laughing to the point of crying.

“Are you all right?”

Charity gasped as she reacted on instinct, rolling once again and springing up, preparing for…

Always priding herself for being prepared for the unknown, Charity certainly wasn’t prepared to come face to face with a gorgeous man on a trail in Sierra Vista. As she straightened to her full height of five feet ten inches, the man still towered above her by at least half a foot. With her back to the sun, she could see his features clearly, and what she saw nearly stole her breath.

Raven hair framed his lean face, falling well below his shoulders. Topaz eyes shined brightly as his brow knitted with worry, even while his luscious mouth hinted at a smile causing his tanned skin to crinkle at the corners. Muscled arms relaxed at his sides. A rusty orange t-shirt covered his chest, stretched across clearly defined shoulders and pecs. Gray athletic pants encased his legs and he wore running shoes dusty from the dirt, looking like they got good use.


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What makes this book a must-read and/or what inspired you to write this story:

This book features Charity, a strong woman who has dealt with male chauvinism yet doesn’t let it deter her drive. She’s wary of letting a man into her heart, but when Mason shows her respect, and the fact he isn’t threatened by her willful side—in fact he welcomes it—her attraction to him can’t be denied. I hope to show how two strong characters can complement one another.

I initially began writing this story for an anthology call of alpha heroes and heroines. I wanted an alpha woman who wasn’t going to just fall at the feet of an alpha male; he was going to work for her love. Her strength and spirit were going to have as much power as his. Being prior military, having seen and dealt with this issue, I wanted to bring her character to light, as well as show that there are men out there who appreciate a woman with her own voice.


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Author Biography:

Wife, mother, U. S. Army veteran, dental hygienist, and published author. I love writing romance filled with contemporary issues, suspense, humor, and emotion. And my readers will always have an HEA (or at least HFN) ;) When not writing or consuming plenty of great reads, I’m enjoying time with hubby, watching college football and simply having fun!

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