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Book Review | Lupine by @SerenaDracis #paranormalromance #shifter #bookreview

Title: Lupine

Author: Serena Dracis

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

Book Blurb:

Alisa Nelson's life is simply perfect—fight for the environment and party in Seattle's club scene. Until Geremy St. Audlin, her scrumptious new client rocks her world. Her goal: get the permits finalized for his new wolf preserve, then get him out of her life. Before his piercing amber gaze and searing touch lures her into breaking her cardinal rule—never mix business with pleasure! Geremy is immediately captivated by Alisa's sultry sensuality. He wants the crusading, passionate woman not the frosty attorney. He pulls her into the beautiful but dangerous world of the lupine en-malat. While in the Other, beyond the Veil, his Pack confronts an ancient menace. What should have been a simple case turns deadly, and Alisa is now in a fight for her life. Will Geremy be able to show her that love and tenderness can still prevail in the wild realms of the Other?

My Review:

Alisa Nelson is an environmental lawyer and activist. Nothing makes her prouder than helping innocent animals in need. So when she’s offered a lucrative position helping Geremy St. Audlin get the permits needed to open his wolf preserve, she accepts. What she doesn’t expect is the searing and often mind-blowing attraction she feels whenever Mr. St. Audlin is near. She tries to maintain her rule of keeping work and personal life separate but what she doesn’t realize is she’s attracted to the wolf inside Geremy. When he reveals his true nature, she enters a world unknown to humankind: lupine en-malat. There’s enemies surrounding her, enemies who wish to do her harm. Can she accept the life Geremy offers or will she turn her back on love?

Lupine is not your typical werewolf paranormal romance. In fact, Serena Dracis has created a whole new breed of werewolf. The world-building is fairly believable, although I still am slightly confused on how the en-malat works. The environmental sub-plot is entertaining and well-conceived. The attraction between Alisa and Geremy is instant and hot. I found their “will they or won’t they” dance delightful.

Why is this a four-star book? Honestly, I’m shocked to the core there’s a rape scene in it. It seems so out of place. Yes, yes, I know, we’re dealing with werewolves who are violent by nature. It doesn’t jive with the rest of the story. It isn’t necessary and turns my stomach just thinking about it.

Other than that, Lupine is a wonderful paranormal romance. Plenty of bantering between hero/heroine as well as between Geremy and his brothers. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

If you love dark paranormal romance, pick up Lupine today. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

I’ve cuddled with wolves and cheetahs, and called hawks out of the sky. I’ve helped bring people back from the dead. Now, I write. Stories of Other realms, paranormal topics, romance novels and spicier tales. If you love weird, if you are fascinated by the strange and mysterious – you will love my books.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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