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New Release | Bay of Darkness by S.K. Andrews @magicstarra #paranormal #newrelease #bookish

Title Bay of Darkness

Author S.K. Andrews

Genre Paranormal

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

After witnessing her fiancé's murder and almost dying herself, Vivien Kelly's mission is to destroy Dagda—a Celtic God turned demon. As a supernatural dark cloud looms over the Sahara, she finds herself drawn to the Northern California town of Half Moon Bay and a new life as a paranormal cleanser. There Vivien finds Dagda's creatures tormenting the locals. Her own paranormal cleansing team—The Kelly Society— is born, and the race is on when people around her begin to die.

While banishing a banshee, Vivien meets Neal Harrington—a soul partner who can promise true happiness. But when Dagda's black vapor creates a New World of darkness, her time is up. Can Vivien abandon everyone she loves and succumb to her past life's barbaric force to defeat the demon? Her actions not only determine her future—but the future of the modern world.


Relying on her paranormal cleansing skills, she’d already projected shielding white light, which now protected the little girl trapped inside the beautiful house in front of her. In fact, when Donna told her it was a banshee, she almost didn’t believe it. Creatures such as those only appear in homes where a death is imminent, and she intuitively knew the owner had a long life ahead of him.

Concentrate, Vivien. You need to concentrate.

But temptation won out, and her eyes turned back to the dwelling before her, looking like it was carved by a giant from some far away land. A simple one-level structure, there were no harsh angles—only a flow of curves. Beveled windows greeted, while miniature lanterns lining the walkway enhanced a rich green lawn and two cypress trees reaching for the sky. A real garden gnome darting across the grass would not have been a surprise.

Finally emerging from her car, Vivien took in a salty, crisp summer breeze. In the distance, yellow lights popped up along the marina, mixed with amber golden hues—one of her favorite sights of dusk falling upon Half Moon Bay. Taking in another calming breath, she smoothed out her navy-blue designer jacket, worn over jeans and a white cotton top. Clicking the lock button on her key fob, a sharp chirping sound echoed down the quiet street.

What was a banshee doing here anyway? She’d heard of sightings in County Clare, Ireland, and the Northwest Highlands of Scotland centuries ago, but California in modern day? Could it be related to the mass of dark clouds over the Sahara? The whole situation mystified her.

While puzzling over this odd reality, something caught Vivien’s eye. A strange black mist slinked out from behind one of the cypress trees. It started crawling toward her like a predator. As it crept closer, her heart raced. She didn’t realize she held her breath until the front door flew open.

When a man came out in a dark blue T-shirt and jeans, the strange vapor vanished. Walking briskly, he held a look of grim hope. Everything depended on her.

“Vivien Kelly?”

“Yes.” Swallowing quickly, she tried to forget the eerie fog that just came out of nowhere. For once, she hoped her eyes played tricks on her.

“I’m Neal Harrington.”

Meeting him halfway, her legs abruptly halted. It was him. The man who’d occupied her psychic dreams for the past three years. He stood before her in the flesh.

Power vibrated through him, and yet, he wielded such strength from a place of kindness. A wonderful combination. At six foot one, with tanned skin, auburn hair, and thoughtful green eyes—her adrenaline shot up.

His thoughts swiftly entered her mind. Besides taking in her beauty, she suddenly made him feel safe and happy. A shy smile grew on her lips at the thought. Never had a person been so open, so fast. Confusion shown on his face, but one thing he did know—he wasn’t the same man he was ten seconds ago.

As Vivien exhaled on a moan, her purse flipped upside down. She kneeled, thrusting lip balms, a nail file, and tissues back into her stylish black and white satchel as fast as possible.

Neal gently, yet firmly, pulled her up by the elbow. “We’ve got to get in there now. That thing has my niece prisoner.”

Vivien met his eyes. They held fear, restrained only by his own strength to remain calm, something he’d learned long ago. “I know. I’ve already sent light to Julie, so she is protected.”

With eyes swimming in apprehension, he cocked his head. “Light?”


Realizing she was serious, Neal led her into the house. “I’ll take you to her.”

The touch of his skin sent warm waves through Vivien’s body when his grip switched from grasping her elbow to holding her hand.

As they crossed the threshold and the inhuman screams devastated the air, his anxiety rose anew. He released her hand.

“All will be well shortly. Julie’s friends are in your bedroom, correct?”

Nodding, he strode to the hallway. “Yes. Julie’s room is—”

Vivien looped her purse straps onto a coat rack nearby. “I know where it is.”

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Author Biography

Starra Andrews grew up in Laguna Beach, California, body surfing in the Pacific Ocean, writing fantasy stories, and acting on stage. Having been influenced by the powerful scripts of Rod Serling and Richard Matheson from The Twilight Zone, she gravitated toward paranormal stories laden with hope. Writing supernatural tales became her passionate hobby, in between life in the theatre. She loves to sip hazelnut coffee, while reading a riveting ghost story, or while typing up an exciting new chapter of her own. After attaining a B.A. degree in Theatre from University of California, Irvine, and attending LACC Acting Academy, an idea sparked for interviewing actors to help student actors. Her non-fiction book The Pursuit of Acting; Working Actors Share Their Experience and Advice was published by Praeger Publishers/ABC CLIO. In fiction, her heroine, psychic & paranormal cleanser Vivien Kelly and her team are in a race to rid the modern world of deadly Celtic creatures in her book trilogy The Kelly Society. Bay of Darkness, the first book of the series is currently released through the Wild Rose Press. Starra lives in upstate NY with her two cats, Audrey Hepburn and Vivien Leigh.

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