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5 stars for Unexpected by Laylah Abrams #romance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: Unexpected

Author: Laylah Abrams

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb: 


A celebrity heiress and a waiter—er, artist—discover their tabloid story might really be a fairytale.

Celebutante Claire Morgan is an expert at playing the air-headed heiress gossip sites expect. Sure, she’s got degrees in business and computer science, but people are much more interested in the designer of her last gown or who she’s dating (for the next minute). Besides, posing for the paparazzi is safer than letting anyone get too close.

Waiter and struggling artist Nick Holden probably should have majored in engineering instead of following his dream. It’s a little late now, but with his grad school scholarship in jeopardy thanks to a creative slump, the last thing he needs is Claire and her friends breezing into the restaurant at closing time. Even if she is more beautiful than a Monet.

When one of Nick’s wisecracks turns Claire’s spokesmodel smile sincere, it’s clear the pair has more in common than they thought. Staying on opposite sides of the velvet rope, they begin a fling that is far from meaningless. While hiding their growing feelings, Nick spurs Claire toward the tech career she wants and she inspires new vision in his art. But they’ll need to trust each other and drop their acts if they’re going to live happily ever after.

Can the gossip girl find love with a no-name artist? Or will they let their storybook ending slip away?


My Review: 


Claire Morgan is a beautiful, rich heiress, and the paparazzi love to track her. Although she holds degrees in business and computer science and works hard at her job, the only thing the public is interested in is who designs her gowns and her latest date. Claire has learned to play the part, hiding behind an image that keeps her heart safe and everyone out of her personal life. Then she meets Nick Holden.


Nick is a struggling artist, waiting tables to pay the bills and his college tuition. He’s following a dream, but he’s in the middle of a creative slump that jeopardizes his grad school scholarship. When Nick is tasked with waiting on famous Claire Morgan and her equally famous best friend and their dates, a spark ignites neither of them sees coming.


When I started reading Unexpected, I have to admit, I expected a shallow boy meets girl story in the world of the rich and famous. There are so many “billionaire romances” floating around. But only pages in, I realized this story was anything but superficial.


Nick and Claire live in different worlds, and they assume the gap can’t be crossed. But their physical attraction is strong, and they act on it. They jump into a love affair they consider a carnal convenience. What they both miss in the beginning is the deeper draw to each other. What Ms. Abrams is adept at is writing the slow revelation of their characters.


One note on style. Ms. Abrams used clips from news articles to begin each chapter. The effect was fun and insightful for the story.


I love character driven fiction. When an author can grow a character, immerse the reader, and complete the arc, the end result is satisfying. The story has depth and kept me turning the pages. Claire and Nick inspire each other to be complete. The fact remains, they are still a rich celeb girl and a no-name artist. Can it work? I encourage you to pick up this book. The ending will leave you feeling good.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Laylah Abrams is a science nerd who also writes romance novels. Long after she earned her PhD, she discovered the romance genre through books by Mary Balogh and Judith Ivory. She never imagined her first novel would be a western, but ever since she moved to Oregon (with an “Oregon or Bust!” sign on the back of the car), she has been fascinated by the history of her new home. She works as a science writer and is currently living happily ever after with her husband and children.


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Reviewed by: Brenda


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