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5 stars for A Bee in Her Bonnet by @sbuchbinder #pnr #romcom #catspawcove #bookreview

Title: A Bee in Her Bonnet

Author: Sharon Buchbinder

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy

Book Blurb:

Not all that buzzes is a bee…

Elva Boyd, an extroverted elf, uses bees and honey to treat patients in pain. Art Klarastos, an introverted demi-god, beekeeper, and inventor is her best friend. When Elva’s beehives disappear, Art beelines to her to deliver the news. Distressed, Elva pleads for his assistance with the mystery of the missing boxes. Kit Kat, his matchmaking talking cat, makes a deal with Elva: Art will help her in exchange for a real date.

Art is mortified, but Elva agrees without hesitation. While they attempt to deduce why someone might want to steal her bees’ homes, a couple arrives and claims to be Elva’s long-lost parents. An orphan raised in Cat’s Paw Cove by her aunt and uncle, Elva is ecstatic. Suspicious of these unknown elves, Art shares his concerns—but Elva tunes out his buzzing.

When her parents declare they have come to take her home to Scotland for her contractually obligated wedding, Art is devastated. Will his best friend leave with her newfound family and soon-to-be-husband? Or will he be able to convince her that he is the beekeeper of her heart?

My Review:

Missing beehives, long-lost parents, and sweet honey romance… will Elva comb through the lies to discover true love? Elf Elva Boyd uses the honey created in her beehives to treat patients. When her beehives go missing, she’s crushed and pleads with her best friend Art (beekeeper and demi-god) to help. His matchmaking cat strikes up a bargain with Elva that he’ll help her only if she goes on a date with Art. She agrees and they have a wonderful time. When a couple claiming to be her parents arrive, Elva is thrilled. Art offers her his reservations, but she ignores him. A bombshell is dropped, and Elva must make a decision. Will she leave her life in Cat’s Paw Cove to return to Scotland and marry a man she’s never met, or will she choose to stay and build her life with her best friend, Art, who’s captured her heart?

A Bee in Her Bonnet is a feel-good, whimsical paranormal romance I couldn’t put down. I absolutely adore this series and the fictional town of Cat’s Paw Cove. Essentially, this is a friends-to-lovers romance with a few twists. Art’s feline is uncanny and takes the lead when Art is too shy to make his move. Elva is a sweet heroine who deserves love, family, and so much more. The descriptive narration is so intricate, especially the parts with the beehives, beekeeping, and honey. Sharon Buchbinder did a fair bit of research on bees and making honey which added such depth to the overall story. There are plenty of funny bits of dialogue in this story, too. If you’re a paranormal romance reader, pick up A Bee in Her Bonnet. If you’re a romantic comedy reader, you’ll want to read this delightful story. Brilliant from start to finish, A Bee in Her Bonnet is worth the buzz it’s getting. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Amazon best-selling author Sharon Buchbinder's broad range of writing includes internationally best-selling textbooks and award-winning novels that tell haunting tales of love, family secrets, forgiveness, extraordinary abilities, truth, justice, and redemption. She believes happily ever afters are born through strengths developed in overcoming adversity in fiction and real life. If you enjoy authors Heather Graham, Christine Feehan, and Nalini Singh, you will probably enjoy Sharon's Western romance ghost stories, woven with supernatural, Native American paranormal suspense elements. Set in small towns in the American West with strong female heroines, sexy male heroes, secret government agencies, undercover agents, shape-shifters, werewolves, weretigers, ghosts, jinnis (genies), telekinesis, teleportation, remote viewing, these stories will make you wonder about those bumps in the night. For more information go to

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Sharon Bell Buchbinder
Sharon Bell Buchbinder
Nov 22, 2021

Thank you for your honey of a review for my Bee Baby❤️

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