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A Match for Gabe by Kimberly Grist is a Western Fiction/Romance Event pick #historicalwestern #historicalromance #western #giveaway


Title: A Match for Gabe


Author: Kimberly Grist


Genre: Inspirational Western Historical Romance


Book Blurb:


 A harsh, scar-faced, rancher, An impulsive, whimsical teacher go together like dandelions and daydreams. Well, she thinks so anyway…


Carrie Ann Dixon’s impulsive nature has cost her a teaching position. Destitute, she agrees to seek the help of a matchmaker. She believes there’s a happily ever after within reach for everyone, and she’ll work hard to make her dream come true. Casting her past failures aside, she’s thrilled with the idea of moving west and requests a match with someone who embraces adventure and will be enthusiastic about building a romantic relationship.

Gabe Russell, former solider and regimented rancher, isn’t looking for love. Instead, he needs a cook, housekeeper, and babysitter for his four younger siblings. Hence, his request to the matchmaker includes, “My desired match should be a no-nonsense, hard-working woman who knows the importance of following a schedule.




“There’s many a marriage that started out with mutual respect and friendship. The making of a good marriage involves seeking divine guidance and allowing the Lord to bless you with His choice for a spouse. After that, love is the choice you make to put your spouse’s happiness ahead of your own.” Her brother reached for the newspaper clipping. “But I don’t like to think about you moving so far away to marry a stranger.” 


“In light of the fact that there’s not a single man under the age of forty within fifty miles, why shouldn’t your sister consider a matchmaker?” Myra passed a plate of cookies to her husband and then turned her attention back to Carrie. “According to my friend, the woman has a talent that could only be heaven-sent. All that is required is for you to complete a questionnaire that includes details about what you’re looking for in a husband. Then, based on the information provided, the matchmaker will pick someone who will suit your needs.”


I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to write the woman. But it will be a short letter.” Carrie bit her lip to hide a grin. “Rejected bride and teacher seeks a husband willing to overlook her failures and be her Prince Charming, ready to rescue her from her fate.”


“Be sure and add your lack of disciplinary skills, so you won’t attract a widower with a ready-made family.” Her brother chuckled. “Otherwise, you’ll be better off staying here and marrying Harvey Ponder.”


“You two are like two kernels on a corncob. Now hush your teasing and be serious.” Myra tapped her finger along her cheek. “Carrie is a lovely, well-educated young woman whose desire to be a teacher didn’t turn out as planned. She loves to cook, is a good seamstress, keeps a level head during emergencies, and would make an excellent wife and mother.”


“As long as her husband can put up with her sassy ways and tendency to have her nose in a book, I imagine she’ll do.” Her brother snickered as he polished off a cookie. “Seriously though, you should mention that you hate milking cows and feeding the chickens, and that irrational fear you have of horses.”


“It’s not an irrational fear.” Carrie rubbed her forearm absently. “Besides, horses don’t like me.”


“Horses are smart animals and sense your anxiety. If I had it to do all over again, dislocated shoulder and all, I would swing you up in the saddle immediately after you took that fall.” Her brother pulled on his ear.


“I will take your advice and clarify that any man contemplating marriage with me must know that he’s to be forever saddled by a wife who can’t hitch up a wagon and refuses to tend to the horses. I will lay all the blame at my brother’s feet for spoiling me,” Carrie giggled. “No pun intended.”


“Not all men are as obliging as your brother.” Carrie’s sister-in-law tilted her head back and laughed. “But there’s bound to be a business owner who will appreciate your head for figures.”


“I suppose it is senseless to seek another position as a teacher, especially since I don’t enjoy it nor have a knack for it.” Carrie took in a deep breath, determination rising in her heart. Why shouldn’t she attempt to achieve her own happily ever after? “I like the idea of helping my husband with his books.”


“That’s the spirit.” Then Mike shook his head. “I can't believe I’m encouraging you in this, but you’ve wasted three years of your life mooning over that good-for-nothing former fiancé. I like seeing a hint of the starry-eyed sister I once knew who thought love could conquer all.”


“If this woman is as good as Myra’s friend says she is, maybe there’s a little magic to it.” Carrie felt her heart lift as she considered the opportunity. “No offense, brother, but I’ve picked enough cotton to last me a lifetime. While I’d love the opportunity to live in town, I would be equally happy with a rancher looking for companionship.”


“I imagine ranch work is as difficult as farming. But I can't see a man writing for a wife if he’s in need of a cowpoke.” Her brother scratched his chin. “Then again, he might require someone to cook for his ranch hands. Are you prepared to do that?”


“I don’t mind cooking as long as I have a cookstove.” Carrie tapped her finger along her cheek, pondering the last letter her fiancé had written, saying she would be better off in Georgia because she would find the west too untamed and lonely. “The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of marrying a rancher who needs my help and wants companionship.”


 “You’ll need to mention in your letter that you don’t ride, and your skills are more of a domestic nature.” Myra reached for another cookie. “These baked goods are a testament to the fact.”


Carrie straightened her shoulders. “The more I ponder it, the better I like this plan. My experience here on the farm should at least partially prepare me for life on a ranch. A lonely rancher and I should go together like dandelions and daydreams.”


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


Witty, thoughtful, and preciously tender is the growing love between these two characters. Carrie and Gabe's story is a sweet clean romance that has just the right amount of drama and humor to keep you turning the pages.


Giveaway –


Enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card:



Open Internationally.


Runs April 23 – April 30, 2024.

Winner will be drawn on May 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


Kimberly Grist is married to her high school sweetheart, Nelson, who is a pastor in Griffin, Georgia. She and her husband have three adult sons, one with Down syndrome, and they have a passion for encouraging others with family members with special needs.


Kim has enjoyed writing since she was a young girl; however, began writing her first novel in 2017.


“I believe you should come away refreshed and inspired after reading a book. Despite my best efforts, sometimes life is difficult. I need and want an outlet, an opportunity to relax and escape to a place where obstacles are met and overcome. My stories are designed to entertain, refresh, and inspire you, the reader. They combine History, Humor, and Romance with an emphasis on Faith, Friends, and Good Clean Fun.”


Social Media Links:


Kimberly Grist | Facebook


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N. N. Light
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