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5 stars for A State of Nature (Altered States of Awareness) #newage #spiritualgrowth #ku #bookreview

Title: A State of Nature (Altered States of Awareness)

Author: Dillon Jepsen

Genre: New Age & Spirituality, Spiritual Growth, Mysticism

Book Blurb:

Are you searching for deeper insight into reality? Do you struggle to find meaning in life?

Ponder on curious observations and reflect to uncover deeper truths of existence and explore the inner heights of imagination. There are many ways to view our lives and it is rare to find perspectives that are unprecedented and unique. If you are struggling to find meaning in life, look no further than A State of Nature.

Author Dillon Jepsen, whose life has been anything but ordinary, invites you into his world where reality connects with mystical dimension. Experiencing a mental disorder that emerged in 2012, Jepsen reflects on the dreamlike experiences that have shaped his everyday existence. In his pursuit to break through the confines of reality, he encounters his alter-ego, Mark, and in this book he exposes mind-bending and hidden purpose and reasoning on the nature of perception and existence itself.

A State of Nature serves as a lighthouse to the chaos of conflicting beliefs in our world. Jepsen, a former theist turned atheist, recognizes that life's complexities cannot be reduced to simple answers or dogmas. With a strategic intent, he guides you through his thought process to reveal a comprehensive understanding of the universe and reality, which he acquired through personal revelation with the Divine.

Within the pages of this captivating creative nonfiction novel, A State of Nature, you will:

  • Gain a profound perception of the Divine Universe and unravel its hidden depths.

  • Discover the hidden intelligence evolving our universe, revealing itself as the Divine Mind.

  • View existence in a literary dimension, where purpose is unsealed before your eyes.

  • Gain insights into the afterlife, hidden forces, the creative universe, and God.

  • Enjoy speculative astrophysics on black holes, dark matter, and nonphysical reality.

  • Learn a new perception of what came before our universe and the next existence.

A State of Nature is not bound by a singular interpretation; instead, it offers information that can be perceived in countless ways, stimulating your intellect, and inspiring your imagination. Dillon M. Jepsen's thought-provoking investigation of the divine universe and imagination will leave you captivated. If you seek creative perceptions, groundbreaking insight, and long for new realizations, then this book is your key to unlocking the hidden nature and purpose of our existence. Don't delay—seize the opportunity to expand your mind and uncover the secrets of the universe. Buy A State of Nature today and embark on a mind-altering journey like no other.

My Review:

Once more, like in book one, the author presents his personal journey in a very brave fashion. Again, the key is to remember this is not a bio but a book of ideas for others to gain knowledge from. The author simply uses his own journey to provide context to his original insights.

The author clearly presents what seems to be the first of any kind of new theory about the hereafter. The stark originality of this could be shocking to some but eye opening to all. If you are curious and brave, then taking this book on will be worthy for you. You will have your mind opened in ways you never considered possible.

The seminal point to this book is the understanding of the light of Gnosis. This concept links everything that is expressed here and can be seen as the core to this entire work. Each reader can try to determine how this concept relates to them. If even one reader gets a greater self-understanding from this, then the book has done its job.

The writing is reminiscent of classic 19th century philosopher writing. You do not have to get far into this book to see the Schopenhauerist style. If you have read The World as will get a keener insight into what this author is trying to point out to you.

This book must be considered the most important book on spiritual philosophy to be released this century. This book can sit next to the top ten who are on most bookshelves today. Groundbreaking and a completely original construct, this book will challenge the reader to go beyond the normal construct.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Dillon Jepsen is an American author who specializes in non-fiction spirituality. A graduate with a four-year degree in sociology, he works presently as a funeral director. Dillon began writing in 2016, starting his initial book A State of Mind that was published two years later. He is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and narcolepsy, and takes inspiration from personal experiences with phenomena, his education, and his understanding of other real-world belief systems.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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