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Author Adriana Suyama Enters Into the Prestigious World of Children's Books #bookish #childrensbooks

South Bay California Author Adriana Suyama Enters Into the Prestigious World of Children's Books with an Inspiring Story About the Power of a Change of Heart

Torrance, CA, April 22, 2021 --( Adriana Suyama, a first-time author from South Bay, California, has recently released a children's book that connects children to the value of having a change of heart. As a mother of four, and a full time homeschool teacher, Adriana is constantly in search of new ways to inspire, educate, and instill important life lessons in her children. Driven by this search and her own love of writing, Adriana began to incorporate her own storytelling into her children’s daily lessons and was impassioned by the reaction and engagement she received. Adriana’s first book, "Jolie And the Change of Heart," was released on the market December 4, 2020, and is already doing what it says on the cover – changing hearts. It is a story about a beautiful mermaid, Jolie, whose vanity has gotten the best of her. Jolie lives in her own world of self-obsession until an unhappy accident forces her to look beyond the mirror and into her soul to have a change of heart. Through her transformation, Jolie discovers the joy in helping others, revealing her true beauty within. “A truly heartwarming book that children and adults will love. It shares a sweet message in such a gentle way,” said a recent review. “The pages are vibrantly illustrated with vivid colors, cute sea creatures, and Mermaids. The illustrator does a fabulous job of incorporating diversity into the characters and portraying emotions and feelings. This is sure to become a household favorite! So, cuddle up with your little one and enjoy this beautiful story together.” For more information on "Jolie And the Change of Heart," visit Book also available on Amazon. Contact: Thais Eliasen | Thais Eliasen PR Co. +1-774-319-0317


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