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All for the Love of a Cowboy by @njadegray1 is a New Year New Books Fete Pick #books #giveaway

Title: All for the Love of a Cowboy

Author: N. Jade Gray

Genre: Romance, Time-Travel, Historical

Book Blurb:

Mitchell Reeves is in trouble. Someone is sabotaging his ranch, cattle are missing, his sister is testing her wings, and his quarrel with a neighboring rancher has heated to boiling. Adding a beautiful woman who claims to be from the future couldn't come at a worse time.

Computer programmer Rachel Morgan understands machines, but fails with the opposite sex. When a dog plays chicken with her car, her bad week becomes worse when she wakes to find herself in the past—in a very hunky, very delusional cowboy’s bed. Time spent in Mitchell’s company causes an unexpected glitch in Rachel’s determination to get home. Love. Found in the most startling place and time. Could she go home, if she had the chance, without knowing his true feelings? When unwanted attention from another man turns to kidnapping, Rachel is torn between wishing she were home… and risking it all for the love of a cowboy.


Rachel scraped the rake across the floor. “Jake Sanders came by this week while you were away.”

What the hell? His gaze tried to meet her downcast eyes. “What did Sanders want?”

Unease settled in his bones. He whipped his hat off his head and raked a hand through his hair. Had Jake known he wasn’t around to watch the women? Maybe the idea of taking all his men with him hadn’t been his best decision. Becky knew how to handle a rifle. Did Rachel?

She shrugged her shoulders. “He claimed he was in the area checking fence and just stopped by to say hello. Plus, he was looking for a handout of Becky’s cookies. Guess she has quite the reputation for her oatmeal raisin ones.”

He reached out and stilled her movements. “He didn’t make a nuisance of himself. Did he?”

“No. He behaved himself.” She bent to hide her face and began raking again. She chuckled nervously. “The thing is Becky now has this crazy idea Jake is really into me instead of her.” She glanced at him, “Ridiculous, huh?”

Jealousy slammed his gut. Dammit! Anger burned in his stomach. His irritation with Jake over Becky seemed like child’s play compared to his feelings at the moment.

Did she like Sanders? He watched her eyes widen as he gravitated closer. His gaze dropped to her full pouty lips. “Not so crazy.” He had fought the pull for days. He aligned her body to his and lowered his head. The moment his lips touched hers he was lost.

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It’s a brand-new year, full of possibilities. Did you make any resolutions/goals for 2020? If so, please share one.

Continue to enjoy chocolate, but maybe not as much as I did this year. 😉

Why is your featured book a must-read in 2020?

Rachel and Mitchell are feeling a little neglected. Show them some love in this new year. Sit down, relax and get lost in Rachel’s adventure to the past.


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Author Biography:

N. Jade Gray, grew up on a farm in Oklahoma with one sister and three brothers. She began reading romance novels in high school and was hooked. In an attempt to entertain her friends, she began writing stories. The biggest hurdle she had to overcome with her writing was sharing her stories. Her former writing groups, the Wichita Area Romance Authors and Low Country Romance Writer’s, helped with her confidence and shook the needed pom poms to get her motivated for publication. She is also a former member of the Romance Writers of America. She met her husband while attending college and has two grown sons. Not really knowing what she wanted to do when she grew up, she’s held various jobs in the accounting and legal fields. She lives in Kansas with her husband, rescue cats Meera and Mango, and one spoiled dog-named Fabio. Yes, she helped named the dog. She loves to hear her husband calling for his four-legged companion.

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