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Alyce – Through the Lycan Glass by Lynda Bailey is a Fall Into These Great Reads pick #paranormal

Title: Alyce – Through the Lycan Glass

Author: Lynda Bailey

Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy/Paranormal with Romantic Elements

Book Blurb:

My name is Alyce Thomason; I used to be a normal kid.

That is, if being “normal” means burying your mom on your sixteenth birthday – cuz that’s what I got to do. Now, I live with my aunt who hates me. I miss my mom so much. She used to tell me I was special…that I was meant for greatness. Too bad she won’t ever see that.

When I turn eighteen, I’ll be out of my aunt’s house and on my own, except that doesn’t happen. My dumbass twin cousins stumble down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe – and take me with them. That’s not the weird part, though. The weird part is I’m some kind of idol to the occupants of this new world.

All I care about is getting me and the twins back home, or so I tell myself. I think I want to stay here, not because I’m The One – who needs that pressure – but because I’ve found something I haven’t had since my mom died…a place where I belong.


I’ve maybe gone a mile,when the trees give way to a clearing full of wildflowers. The mountain face slopes down to meet the field, like a lover extending a hand. The setting is breathtakingly picturesque. My shoes sink into the lush grass as I pick a single flower.

It looks like a daisy but with deep red petals and a fluffy, light pink center. It also smells like a lilac. I twirl it between my fingers and inhale deeply.

Leaves rustle behind me.

Everything inside me screeches to a halt. Breathing. Pulse. Brain activity. Everything except my hearing. That seems to be firing on all cylinders as I detect the quiet whoosh of air being drawn in then released. The flower drifts from my fingers and I tighten my hold on the spear.

Instinct has me dropping to the ground and rolling sharply to the side. A blur lands on the spot where I just stood. I leap up, the spear gripped in both hands.

A hulking canid, with matted fur that’s a mix of blond and light brown, stands before me. The smell radiating off it roils my stomach. It shows some very long, very dangerous teeth and growls low in its throat.

I pull back my shoulders. “Tuhuwai.”

The growling stops – for less than a second – then resumes, sounding like a hyena laughing. Guess that word doesn’t work on all canids. The creature tips its snout in the air and gives a long, loud howl. It then flattens its ears and stoops low.

I point the spear at it. “Tuhuwai.”

It paces back and forth in front of me, inching closer which causes me to back up. Its yellow eyes track my every movement. Saliva drips from its jowls.

I calculate if I can make it to the woods before it attacks. But what good would that do? It’d just take me down from behind. Better to face what’s coming instead of running.

The animal goes still then, in the next blink, it springs.

Though I anticipated the assault, I’m nonetheless stunned at its velocity. I dive to the left and swing the spear in the hopes of striking the beast. The staff whistles harmlessly through the air. I roll several times then scramble to my feet.

For a moment, I’m disoriented. When I realize the canid isn’t in front of me, I whirl around. But I’m not fast enough. I’m struck in the back and sent sprawling into the wildflowers. The spear flies from my hands.

I flip onto my back just as the animal attacks. I grab its shoulders right before it’s able to sink those deadly teeth into my neck.

Blobs of its slobber fall onto my face. I can’t escape its rancid breath. The canid presses closer. Less than three inches separate me from certain death.

Fear and frustration course through my body. And rage. I’m enraged to even be in this situation. None of this should be happening. I should be safe at the campground reading my damn book instead of wrestling for my life against a two-hundred-pound-plus wild beast.

My neck burns as my vision goes white. The amulet vibrates against my chest.

I push at the canid, digging my nails into its fur. Pain flares in my fingers. Bad pain. No. Excruciating pain. But I don’t relent.

The animal springs away with a loud whine. Blood glistens on its coat – and there’s blood on my hands. I don’t have time to puzzle out what happened, but snatch the spear and clamber to my feet.

The beast shakes its enormous head and blood droplets fly everywhere. It hones its gaze back on me. I bend my knees, bracing for another attack. With luck I’ll ram the spear into the animal’s chest.

That’ll probably take a lot of luck.

The canid hunches down, then sails at me. I thrust out the spear, but it doesn’t meet its mark. Instead, an unidentifiable black blob bowls into it mid-air.

Another canid.

Reinforcements maybe? But why did it attack the other beast and not me?

The creatures tumble across the field as growls and snarling fill the air. I don’t know what happened, though, for the moment, I’m awfully glad it did.

The two canids clash, with neither gaining the upper hand. Is the new critter from Efant’s “clan?” Is that why it’s helping me? Is it helping me, or just waiting for its own chance to kill me?

Not knowing freaks me out. My neck feels like it’s on fire and all I see is a sea of white as I wait and watch...

The animals break apart and I can clearly see the other canid. His coat isn’t just black, it’s a cornucopia of black. From the dusty black on its head, with small tuffs of white at its ears, to its inky black body to bluish-black hindquarters and tail.

The two creatures circle each other while snapping their jaws. One lurches, but other one ducks, flips onto its back and plants both hind feet solidly in the attacker’s stomach. The momentum somersaults the animals end over end. They’re nothing but a mass of flying fur rolling across the clearing.

The battle goes on for what seems like forever, but I know it’s only been a minute. Less than. Maybe I should run instead of staying rooted to the spot. Nothing good will happen to me once this fight is over. Yet, I can’t make my legs move.

It’s apparent the black animal is tiring. It lunges, trying to bury its teeth into the blond one’s neck, but Blondie twists away, knocking Blackie to the ground. It’s slow getting up. Blondie again attacks and, using massive paws, holds down its opponent. It then clamps powerful jaws onto Blackie’s shoulder. A deafening yelp echoes.

It doesn’t look good for Blackie – or me. Because once Blondie’s done with his current quarry, I know it’ll come after me.

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What’s your favorite thing about autumn:

What I love most about autumn is the crisp, clean weather. The wear-an-oversized-sweatshirt-outside-while-walking-the-dog weather. The kind of weather which encourages you to build a fire in the firepit, toast marshmallows and drink hot cider – or a toddy. The kind of weather which tells you it’s about to get cold, but that it isn’t cold just yet. It holds the promise of winter days curled up with a good book, while waiting for spring to arrive.

What inspired you to write this story:

I was inspired to write Alyce – Through the Lycan Glass all the way back in 2010 when I attended the Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando. (That was the year I was a Golden Heart finalist.) I’m fuzzy on the exact details, but the topic of Alice in Wonderland was somehow meshed with werewolves – and my muse was off to the races. In the ensuing years, Alyce has taken any number of detours on her way to publication. Characters were added then deleted as were various plotlines and scenes. The basic premise, though, remained the same…Alyce going down a rabbit hole into a world of fantasy and adventure.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card

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Runs September 1 – 30

Drawing will be held on October 2.

Author Biography:

I’ve always loved stories. For me the only thing better than reading a story is writing one. That and drinking red wine while eating dark chocolate. I’m proud to have been a 2010 finalist in the prestigious Golden Heart®.

While Alyce – Through the Lycan Glass is a drastic departure from the steamy-hot, contemporary romances I usually write, it’s still full of passion and emotion. Please join me for laughter and love, and where the good guys win in the end – eventually.

You can visit my website or drop me an email at

Happy Reading!

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