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House of the Rising Son by Trevann Rogers is a Fall Into These Great Reads pick #uf #lgbtq #giveaway

Title: House of the Rising Son

Author: Trevann Rogers

Genre: LGBT Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Cheyenne is a half-human incubus whose star is on the rise in the Unakite City rock scene. His father, the leader of the supernatural races, would prefer he keep a “low profile”, but screw that. Cheyenne has as much music in his veins as royal incubi blood.

Alexander's future is all set: finish law school, join the family firm, and marry someone who'd be good for business. Not that he has a say in any of it. He's barely met the woman his father expects him to marry. Keeping the peace is his priority. Until he meets Cheyenne.

If secrets are kept, they can never be together. If their secrets are exposed, chaos will reign in both families.

Either way, life will never be the same.

House of the Rising Son is the first book in the LGBTQIA+ urban fantasy series Living After Midnight. Warning: This book features quirky supernatural creatures, a Thanksgiving dinner that makes the Inquisition look like a tea party, and an incubus that will rock your world.


Were-tigers were not the inconspicuous type. If they were in the club, those assholes would be right in front.

From center stage, Cheyenne looked through the dark hair hanging over his eyes. He searched the rock crowd for the hostile faces of his father’s henchmen. So far, so good. No Were-tigers in sight. Instead, he saw tears trickling down the cheeks of women, and men holding cold bottles of beer against their foreheads.

His band jammed in the background, each member a talented musician, but the fans watched only him. They screamed and begged him for a sign of favor—a glance, a smile. He bit his lower lip, concealing a satisfied grin. He could ask them for all their worldly possessions, and they wouldn’t hesitate to oblige. But he wanted nothing except their lust, which fed him, and that was already his.

“I know what you want.” He moved his hands across his body, pushing up his black T-shirt to reveal a glimpse of stomach—and the promise of more. He teased, “I said I know what you want!” The crowd roared.

Cheyenne let his desire seep into his green eyes. “But you can’t have it.” The room exploded with cheers and applause.

He brought his palms together in front of his chest and bowed his head in mock humility as he savored the sweet, creamy taste of his fans’ longing. He rewarded them with a carnal, hungry gaze, then picked up his white Stratocaster. Screw being an incubus, he thought. I’m a rock star.

Cheyenne commanded the stage for another hour. On most nights, he played until the Unakite City town ordinance shut him down, but tonight he couldn’t afford an extra minute. Cries of “One more song!” ignored, the crowd pressed towards the small stage. He knew that the second he ended the final song of the night, the audience would try to devour him as if he was a harvest during a famine. Most nights this wasn’t a problem. In fact, it would be he who did the devouring. Just thinking about all the tasty morsels he was forgoing made his mouth water. But tonight, he had to ignore his hunger and get to his dressing room. Alone.

While the band played the last refrain, he scanned the room once more. Samuel hadn’t bothered to look for him since he’d left home, but Cheyenne couldn’t take the chance he’d try tonight. He blanketed the room with Power and detected nothing. He closed his eyes, thanking the universe for this one small gift.

When the calls for an encore peaked, he hopped off the stage. He had little time to make his escape. His band would be a shield against anyone who tried to follow him.

The moment he turned into the short corridor to his dressing room, he cursed his luck. It was never that easy for him. Dozens of fans lined the walls, some with tears of longing gleaming on their cheeks, others with more jaded “fuck me” expressions. Any other night he would have his fill of them. All of them.

Cheyenne pulled his guitar against his chest for protection and moved through the crowd. “Not tonight, ladies.” He left hope for tomorrow.

Through the barrage of sensations, a hint of tangerine taunted him. Female, and on the prowl. His senses followed the flavor to a redhead. She was older than the usual fangirl and taller than him by several inches. The side slits of her dress, from full thighs to ample hips, accentuated her height. Nice. She wanted him, almost desperately. How could he refuse?

He tensed when he realized she was standing in front of his dressing room door…

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What’s your favorite thing about autumn:

My favorite thing about autumn is the feel of a cool breeze after the hot days of summer. Sadly, this year they are predicting a warmer-than-usual Fall. But one can hope.

What inspired you to write this story:

Music. It’s always music. Some rockers have more of an allure than others. Incubi are similarly seductive. My warped imagination then wondered what it would be like to be the child of an incubus and voilà! House of the Rising Son was born.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card

Open internationally.

Runs September 1 – 30

Drawing will be held on October 2.

Author Biography:

Trevann Rogers writes rock star romances, urban fantasy, and LGBT paranormal romances. Her books include HOUSE OF THE RISING SON, AFTER MIDNIGHT: The Beginning, and her newest release, WAITING FOR THE SON.

Her short stories, All One of You and Indigo Dreams are available on Amazon. Her work also appears in the anthologies Dangerous Curves Ahead: An Anthology, and Wickedly Ever After.

Each story incorporates an unquenchable addiction to music and Trevann's love for vampires, Weres, incubi and rock stars. She writes long after the sun goes down because, like these elusive creatures, she learned long ago that sometimes being yourself means Living After Midnight.

Trevann lives in Connecticut with Toby, her 10-year-old rescue puppy, and Lil Monkey, a sock monkey who thinks he's real but refuses to chip in on the mortgage.

Trevann's internet home is

Social Media Links:

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Rita Wray
Rita Wray
Sep 29, 2023

I liked the excerpt.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 29, 2023

Thank you, Trevann, for sharing your book in our Fall Into These Great Reads Bookathon!

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