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An Angel’s Wylder Assignment by Tena Stetler is a Western Romance Event pick #westernromance

Title: An Angel’s Wylder Assignment

Author: Tena Stetler

Genre: Paranormal Historical, Western, Time travel, Mystery, Romance

Book Blurb:

Warrior Angel Killian Dugan’s annual trip to the family castle in Scotland is shattered by the arrival of Legion Commander North. Killian’s skills are needed for an urgent time travel assignment. A rogue demon has escaped back in time. He must discover the why and where and stop the demon before it can damage the past and change the future.

Killian’s girlfriend Chinoah Grace, a Native American shapeshifter is included in the mission which takes them to the wild west town of Wylder, Wyoming in the year 1878. She will have her hands full fitting in and making friends.

Nothing is as it seems. They encounter visions, spirit quests, and a mysterious shaman. On top of it all, blending in as a blacksmith is more physically difficult than he imagined. But not as challenging as keeping his hands off his undercover wife. Will they complete their assignment or run out of time?


Rather than dispute Nat with the need or permission to carry weapons, Killian had simply slid his jewel-encrusted, magic-infused sword in its scabbard and slung it across his back. Slipping his dagger into its sheath at his ankle, he also holstered his gun at his other ankle, straightened, and shrugged into his black leather duster. The wrist arrows and other warrior weapons were sewn into the coat’s lining. After all, he was a warrior angel and must have his tools of the trade. He smirked.

Chinoah stood wide-eyed at his cache of weapons. “And I got scolded packing unapproved clothing. Do you have any idea what your commander would do if he—”

“Sure enough. Notice I waited until he left. You’re the one that chose the jeans battle with him.” He shifted one shoulder nonchalantly. “Learning curve to pick your battles.” A low chuckle rose from his throat. “Besides, he’d never ask a warrior going into battle to leave the tools of his trade behind.”

“A little advance warning would have been nice.” She crossed her arms across her chest defiantly.

“Prep time was a luxury we didn’t have when this assignment was dumped on us. Wouldn’t you say? Nat had us at a disadvantage and he knew it.”

As if the words just sunk in, she blanched. “We’re not—you’re not—really going into battle. Right?”

“No way to know until we get there. Demons are not known for their negotiation skills. The Riverton skirmish is a prime example of their single-mindedness.”

“But that was a build-up of theft, deceit, and trickery by a tribe member acting as the River Winds Casino manager who was driven by power, greed, and jealousy. Ethan played into the hands of the manipulative demons. He was outmaneuvered from the beginning. In the end, he got what he deserved.”

“That‘s how it works. Evil prays on the unsuspecting. In our case, we’ll have our ducks in a row long before flushing the demon out in the open and forcing him to show us his hand. Enough of this. As Nat said, we are burning daylight.


They waved goodbye to their friends and slipped out the back door. It was a bit of a walk to the Mists, but porting in broad daylight wouldn’t be wise.

As they walked through the eerie Scottish Mists, the silence wrapped around them like a smothering blanket. A stand of druid stones emerged from the thick fog towering above them. Chinoah shivered against him. Magic rolled of the stones in warning.

With the image of the 1878 blacksmith shop in his head and whispering spirits in his mind, their adventure began. His hands tightly wrapped around Chinoah, their duffels secured on their backs. He closed his eyes and focused his vision on Wylder, Wyoming Territory of 1878 inside Dugan’s Blacksmith shop. This was his first mistake. He was unsure of the blacksmith shop's interior, as he’d never seen it.

Instead, they are unceremoniously dumped, what he hoped was only several yards outside the shop, in the worst blizzard he’d ever seen. He tightened his grip on Chinoah. Guess I paid too much attention to the description of the building itself and let that disrupt my landing location. The wind-driven snow swirled around them, making visibility difficult if not impossible. A large dark mass faded in and out of the sheets of snow not far from them.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

An impromptu assignment for a Scottish Warrior Angel and a Native American shapeshifter from present day, must time travel to 1878 in an effort to unravel a dangerous mystery and creature their future.

Reviews have stated: Wylder were not only historically accurate but intriguing and educational. Who knew being a blacksmith was so backbreaking and exhausting? I loved the fish-out-of-water subplot of these two in the past. It added authenticity to the overall story.

It’s a feel-good story with lots of twists and turns with exciting characters to keep the reader engaged.

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Author Biography:

Tena Stetler is an internationally best-selling author of award winning paranormal tales. Some call her crazy others creative. She deals with the voices in her head by writing them down and creating a fantasy world and characters you won’t soon forget. Her books tell tales of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. Travel, adventure,magic, and a bit of mystery flourish in her books along with a few companion animals to round out the tales.

Colorado is home; shared with her husband of many moons, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a fifty-year-old box turtle. When she’s not writing, her time is spent kayaking, camping, hiking, biking or just relaxing in the great Colorado outdoors.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
27 abr 2023

Thank you, Tena, for sharing your book in our Western Fiction/Romance Bookish Event!

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