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Ancient History for Kids: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Greece, Rome, & Egypt for Children #kidlit

Title Ancient History for Kids: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt for Children (Making the Past Come Alive)

Author Captivating History

Genre History for Kids, Children’s Nonfiction, Ancient History

Book Blurb

Three captivating manuscripts in one book:

  • Ancient Greece for Kids: A Captivating Guide to Greek History, from the Mycenean Civilization and the Trojan War through the Golden Age of Pericles to the Hellenistic Era and Roman Conquests

  • Ancient Rome for Kids: A Captivating Guide to Roman History, from the Rise of the Republic through the Roman Empire to Byzantium

  • Ancient Egypt for Kids: A Captivating Guide to Egyptian History, from the Early Dynastic Period through the Early, Middle, and Late Kingdom to the Death of Cleopatra

Come dive into the world of the Ancient Greeks! From their myths and culture to their wars and ultimate defeat by the Romans, part one of this book covers it all! Both parents and children will enjoy learning what made Ancient Greece such an amazing civilization and seeing why the modern world owes them so much. In part two of this book, you will travel back to Ancient Egypt, when kings were considered gods, pharaohs built towering pyramids, great battles were fought, and the world as we know it today was formed. Exciting images and maps help you to imagine yourself there and become an expert in no time! In this part three of this book, you will travel back to Ancient Rome, where gladiators fought in the famous Coliseum, emperors were murdered to make way for new emperors, calendars were created, and Greek mythology was re-made into Roman mythology! Have fun seeing what’s left of this amazing society as you explore ancient ruins and war maps! Some of the topics covered in part one of this book include:

  • Greek cities rocked!

  • The Face that launched 1,000 ships

  • Achilles – and his famous heel

  • The Olympic Games – no prizes for second and third place!

  • From Dark Ages to the Golden Age – and back again

  • Draco’s severe punishment system

  • The original Spartans – their story

  • Only seven years old – and in military school?

  • BC versus BCE, AD versus CE – why, and what’s the difference?

  • Longbows and bronze shields – who won?

  • Pericles, Athena, and the Parthenon

  • The Pelopo-what Wars?

  • And much, much more!

Some of the topics covered in part two of this book include:

  • How elephants helped win an important battle

  • The island that two cities fought for

  • How we use the same type of government used back then

  • Plebians and Patricians – which would you want to be? Why?

  • How did a great talker become so important?

  • Why a city started another war with the city it had just beaten!

  • When the Romans met the Greeks

  • Everyone was a citizen, except for . . . can you guess?

  • Changing your name – everyone did it!

  • This Cleopatra – or THAT Cleopatra?

  • And so much more!

Some of the topics covered in part three of this book include:

  • The longest river in the world – and it runs backward!

  • Kings or Pharaohs – which came first?

  • Menes and the Narmer Palette – what’s the big deal?

  • Gods and Kings – or both?

  • Sunsets, underworlds, and tombs

  • The first pyramid ever built in Ancient Egypt

  • Sneferu’s mistake

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza – the tallest structure on earth until . . .

  • Pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom

  • King Senusret III – The “Warrior King”

  • Amenemhat’s labyrinth – with over 3,000 rooms!

  • The Hyksos – a painting ends a theory

  • Ramesses II – Why so popular?

  • Here come the Assyrians and Persians – uh oh…

  • Alexander the Great

  • Cleopatra – why she married her 12-year-old brother

  • And so much more!


The Spartans Explained in 10 Minutes (video)

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A lot of history books just contain dry facts that will eventually bore the reader. That's why Captivating History was created. Now you can enjoy history books that will mesmerize you. But be careful though, hours can fly by, and before you know it; you're up reading way past bedtime.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 05, 2023

Parents, this is a great way to teach your kids about ancient history.

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