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Hi there, my name is Andrew, and I am a former Royal Marine and police veteran from the UK, who now lives on the beautiful Greek island of Kos with my wife and our growing family of rescue cats.


I was fortunate in that my parents encouraged me to read and write at an early age, and I was able to do so before I ever went to school. That meant I ended up with my head in a book. A lot! The more books the better. However, my parents were also careful to ensure I didn’t burn myself out with purely academic pursuits, so I was encouraged to enjoy myself as well.


A child of the 60’s, I became an avid comic book collector, and grew up devouring the adventures of many a superhero, The X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Green Lantern included. I was also drawn to shows like Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Star Trek, and living in Britain, everything that Gerry & Sylvia Anderson produced from the time of Fireball XL5 onward.


As you can imagine, an upbringing and childhood like that also influenced my preferences. Anything to do with science, astronomy, fantasy adventure, and science fiction was top of the list. And though my early ambitions to become an astronomer – or an astronaut – were tempered, in the interim by a family tradition stretching back 6 generations to serve in the military, I did eventually fulfill a lifelong yearning of becoming an astrophysicist. And do you know what? Even today, all these decades later, I still have my head stuck in the vast ocean of stars that I can see, oh so clearly, from where I live, up in the mountains on a small Greek Island. (Light pollution! What’s that?)


A turning point came back in 2009, after I was medically retired from the police following an injury on duty. That’s when my wife and I moved out to Greece – to help speed my recuperation in warmer climes – and also when I had to make some life changes. You see, up until then, my interests in science fiction and fantasy had, obviously, been restricted to purely reading. I mean, yes, I did like to make up stories, (lots of stories), which I used to develop in great detail and then regale my kids with at bedtime. But novels? I had a vast collection of them, all by groundbreaking and award-winning authors from the 1950’s onward. But as for actually writing them?


Regardless, with all the time I now had on my hands as I fought my way back to health, my wife suggested it might be a good idea to put some of the wild tales I’d made up and explored in my head over the years, down on paper. So I did. . .


And eighteen months later, my name started to appear in print via a number of different publishers and small presses. Time passed, and that list grew. Poetry, with the likes of Muse-Pie Press, Penny Ante Feud, The Screech Owl, and Pixies of Eglantine; short stories through Danse Macabre du Jour, The Sirens Call, Legion Press, and Ishtar Press; and novels through Pagan Writers Press; DSP, Perseid Press and Raven Tale Publishing.

On a side note, I also developed a joy of blogging, and now write regular review articles for Amazing Stories and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.So, life is busy again. And better still, my health has improved to a stage where I’m an adrenaline junkie all over again.


Looking back, I’ve written nearly 40 novels and short stories. Works that have won awards, helped me to become a member of The Science Fiction & Fantasy Association, and attracted the interest of a couple of TV & gaming companies. And out of them all, by far my favorite series is The Cambion Journals: Short novels, comprised of, A Hybrid’s Tale, Call of the Cambion, The Siren’s Call, Web of the Succubus, A Crown in Peril, and Rise of the Despoiler.


It’s the first book and last books of this series that I’m glad to share with you today, as they really do appeal to the darkness we all carry within us, and strive so hard not to let out.



Title: A Hybrid’s Tale – Book 1 of the Cambion Journals

Author: Andrew P. Weston

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Publisher: Raven Tale Publishing.


Book Blurb:


Born a Cambion – a half-demon, half-human hybrid – and cursed by a terrible hunger he can barely control, Augustus Thorne spends his long and lonely life hunting and exterminating any Incubi and Succubae he can find. But no matter how many he destroys, he can always make room for one more. Especially if it’s the foul scum who attacked his mother; Augustus’ own spawn-father, Fanon.


Guided by his mother’s diaries, Augustus pursues Fanon down through the centuries and around the world, until fate seems to point him toward his heart’s desire. Yet, things are not as they appear, and the revelations Augustus uncovers are mind boggling. For if he wishes to face his father, he must first learn more about his own unique heritage, and the awful circumstances that led to his creation.


The trouble is, doing so might just cost him his humanity.




I waited in the shadows. I was very, very good at that. I had to be, considering the prey I hunted. He was old, he was powerful and his appetites gave him strength way beyond any other foe I’d faced to date.


It had taken me decades to get close to him and months to track him to North America, because up until now, he’d been something of a nomad. The world was his oyster—or his larder, kitchen and dining room, dependent on your view—and he’d always been cautious, almost restrained in his choice of delicacies. But at last he’d slipped up!


My spyware had been scouting the internet and scanning coroner’s reports as usual when it noticed a pattern developing here in Los Angeles: over a six week period, a half dozen apparently healthy young women had simply wasted away and died. Three were married—happily by all accounts—one was in a steady same-sex relationship, and the other two were single. A spot of preliminary digging had revealed all were extremely popular, active and good-looking.


As you know, Los Angeles is a big city of over four million lost souls. Just scratching the surface a little will reveal all sorts of sordid goings-on and shady dealings that would make your toes curl. So why would these particular fatalities stand out?


I specialize in what you might call a most definitive method of death.


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Author Biography:

Andrew P. Weston is an international bestselling author from the UK who now lives on the beautiful Greek island of Kos with his wife and their growing family of rescue cats. An astronomy and criminal law graduate, he has the privilege of being a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, and the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.

When relaxing, Andrew devotes some of his spare time to supporting animal charities, and writing regular reviews and articles for Amazing Stories and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

More recently, he has turned his eye toward the creation of the ultimate thriller, something that blends the very best elements of “The Fugitive” with “The Night of the Hunter,” and “North by Northwest.”

If you would like to find out more, visit his blog/website at:


Social Media Links:


Twitter: @WestonAndrew


Title: Rise of the Despoiler – Book 6 of the Cambion Journals

Author: Andrew P. Weston

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Publisher: Raven Tale Publishing


Book Blurb:


Augustus Thorne is evolving. Into what, he doesn’t quite understand. Yet! All he does know is that his destiny is somehow linked to that of the Despoiler. A champion that prophesy claims will bring the demon king to his knees, undoing all the harm inflicted upon the three realms since the Fallen came to Earth.


But to ensure such a destiny, Augustus must walk into uncharted territory. Wield stygian forces, the likes of which have never been witnessed before. Court death, as if was his intimate lover. Most disconcerting of all, he must put his personal vendetta aside, and submit to the greater good.


Only then will he become the foretold hero, ending tyranny’s reign forever.




The visage of King Asmodai hovered within the plane of the communications ocular, filling the room with a 3-D representation of his royal countenance. It was clear to everyone he appeared shocked by what he had just heard.


“You’re positive about that?” He gasped, incredulously, “Absolutely nothing is missing?”


“That’s right, Majesty,” Laura Luca responded, “At your insistence, we’ve now completed another sweep of all the main repositories and found everything is as it should be.”


“And you know that for a fact?”


“Yes, my King.” Laura replied, heroically managing to keep her temper at having to answer the same question for the umpteenth time, “Obviously, I still need to run a complete inventory. But, as I’ve already repeatedly stressed, all of the prime chambers and libraries were alarmed and manned for the duration of the scare. What’s more, none of the guards—neither Forge or human, I might add—reported anything amiss. There have been no breaches that we can ascertain, and everyone is accounted for . . . including the two who died when they triggered the booby-trap inside the tunnel. Once the inspection teams have wound things up, we’ll know for sure.”


“How long will that take?”


“We should be done by the end of the day. Remember, Sire, we’ve not long moved here. Only the most ancient and holy of our relics were set out on display. I’ve already ascertained they’re still in situ. It goes without saying that Thorne might have been targeting something else.”


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N. N. Light
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Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your writing journey and books with our readers!

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