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Aussied to Death by C.B. Wilson is a Mystery and Suspense Event pick #cozymystery #free #giveaway

Title: Aussied to Death

Author: C.B. Wilson

Genre: Cozy Mystery (Pet)

Book Blurb:


What’s not to love about an exotic honeymoon on a remote Australian island known for a legendary hidden treasure? Cat Wright is all in, until she arrives at Canine Cay and the Great Dingo Spirit speaks to her. Forget hunting for the treasure. Her new husband has been arrested for murder!

Convinced they have their man, the police aren’t looking into other suspects. Cat knows it is up to her to clear Russ. Except the deeper she digs the guiltier he appears. And his link to the treasure is only the beginning...

Is this an elaborate frame or is Russ’s past going to derail their marriage before it has a chance to begin? Can Cat and her Aussie companion locate the treasure and prove Russ’s innocence before the real murderer buries her happily ever after forever?


What’s not to love about an exotic honeymoon getaway on a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef? Did I mention that the island is Canine Cay? You guessed it—only I can travel seven thousand, two hundred and twenty-seven miles from Barkview (not that I’m counting) and end up on the dog-friendliest island in Australia. I don’t hate dogs. In fact, after my last canine near-calamity, I have developed a true appreciation for a pooch’s protective predispositions. I’d just hoped not to hear a single headache-inducing bark for two short weeks.

This woof struck like a sledgehammer on my what-the-heck-time-is-it fogged brain. I peered toward the sliding-glass door, blinded by a single strip of sunlight peeking between the blackout blinds.

I tried to nudge my new husband, Russ, but crazy morning person that he was, he’d already vacated, time zone impervious. Another bark reverberated in my head. This had to stop. I shaded my eyes as I opened the sliding glass door and stepped onto the sand. The warm tropical air blast didn’t stop my head from pounding. Nor did the sight of Russ’s familiar blue shirt leaning over a prone body in the sand. It had to be Lugger. Why else would Lizzie be barking and pacing back and forth like a caged tiger?

Never good in an emergency, I just stood there frozen in place. Was that blood on Russ’s arm? More important, why was he holding the proverbial smoking gun?

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Love Dogs?

How would you feel being the lone cat person in a town filled with over-the-top dog lovers? Welcome to Barkview, a small seaside town where designated leash lanes lead to hound playgrounds and every resident as a BFF (that’s a best furry friend) except Cat Wright.

Attacked by a dog while researching a story, the investigative reporter is more than a little uncomfortable in Barkview. The Barkview Mysteries series tells the story of Cat’s journey to find the right companion to enhance her life.

Each Barkview adventure features a different dog breed. The traits, personality, exercise and grooming needs, in addition to health issues are highlighted in the story, offering insight into sharing a life with the dog.

So, hang on tight for a wild adventure as Cat learns that life is full of surprises.

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Runs August 8 – August 21, 2023.

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Author Biography:

The award-winning author of Cozy Pet Mysteries, C.B. Wilson’s love of writing was spurred by an early childhood encounter with a Nancy Drew book where she precociously wrote what she felt was a better ending. After studying at the Gemology Institute of America, she developed a passion for researching lost, stolen and missing diamonds–the big kind. Her fascination with dogs and their passionate owners inspired Barkview, California, the dog friendliest city in America.

C.B. lives in Peoria, AZ with her husband. She is an avid pickleball player who enjoys traveling to play tournaments. She admits to chocoholic tendencies and laughing out loud at dog comics.

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