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Author Spotlight | @TE_Kessler writes sexy, true to life, romance with a plot #romance #scifi #books

What do you get if you combine strong alpha males, real-life and a good dose of fantasy romance? I’ll tell you… the Jelvia: Not Human series!

As little girls, we were brought up with the handsome prince saving the helpless woman, and I think we still want that—even if we don’t admit it aloud. We crave that strong male presence to protect us. Although, some of us mistook the ‘dangerous’ man for our protector and maybe, because of that, we hanker after the ‘bad boy’.

I write about those so-called ‘bad boys’ in the Jelvia series, but in this case, they are dangerous assassins who are believed to have broken away from the human evolution timeline to become a species in their own right—Jelvias.

Evolution has always fascinated me. I believe, and agree or not, we’ve reached our limit on evolution. I think we’re so smart now we’ll just evolve everything else around us to suit our needs.

Anyway, I digress, the Jelvias exist in my alternative world of modern England. I enjoy mixing real-life scenarios with the outlandish, it makes me able to explore the ‘what if’ conundrum while using everyday life problems.

The Jelvia: Not Human series is for the over 18 audiences because of the sexual and violent content, they aren’t erotica although some would disagree, but take from my books what you will, I just write to entertain for 300 or so pages—and we need that in this awful Covid world right now!

So far, the series consists of:

Holding out for a Hero – book 1

Surviving her Dominant – book 2

Spider – book 3 (ready end of May 2020)

My name’s TE Kessler a pseudonym of Louise Wise, and I’ve been dreaming up stories for as long as I remember. I’m a British author so forgive any ‘too British’ spellings and/or jargon, oh, and keep calm and keep reading!

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Title Holding out for a Hero

Author T E Kessler

Genre Hot romance, sci-fi, fantasy

Book Blurb

We humans have always outnumbered Jelvias—that was until falling birth rates became a reality.

And now the Jelvia: bigger, stronger, disease and injury resistant—venomous—looks set to topple us from world domination.

Some say it’s too late to acknowledge the invisible technology that distorts the truth about the Jelvian timeline. And others live in oblivion knowing—or not wanting to know—that there is no scientific proof sustaining that Jelvias evolved alongside us on our planet; they don’t question why there is no photography, ancient books, or old Jelvian fossils, or even why they aren’t any old Jelvias.

They definitely don’t recognise the danger we are in.

And journalist, Macy Shaw, is one of those people.

When she was twelve years old, her mother was murdered, and subconsciously ever since, Macy’s been searching for a hero. But the hero she found was a Jelvia. Undeterred, she used her connections to go after the biggest story of her life.

Narcifer saved a woman by merely being a Jelvia—his presence causing terror and making the assailants flee. And it amused him when his “heroism” created a national stir, so when a pretty little red-head asked to interview him for a story, Narcifer felt compelled to grant it especially when she gave all the signals that she wanted more than a story.

However, on the night Narcifer inadvertently became a hero, he had been tracking a scientist with orders to kill, and strangely no matter where Narcifer’s line of investigation took him, his search always took back to the red-headed journalist, Macy Shaw.

This book is the first in the JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series.

Based on the story Eden by Louise Wise.


Macy Shaw, a journalist, has become obsessed with Jelvias—another species living alongside the human. Taking advantage of her obsession, her boss calls on her to interview Narcifer, a Jelvian man.

An extract from chapter thirty-nine -

She sprinted up the stairs towards the second floor of the carpark. She had almost made it when his arm circled her waist and pulled her back against him. She struggled, kicking his shins but his hold only tightened. His breath fanned her right ear.

‘Macy, stop it.’

‘Let me go!’

‘Hey!’ someone shouted.

Macy and Narcifer looked up. A man was looking out of his car’s window, about to pull into a parking space. A woman was looking on anxiously in the passenger seat, and two kids in the rear were looking agog at them. The man’s choice of words was audible as he noticed Narcifer’s all-black eyes.

‘Help me!’ screamed Macy, and she began to kick and wriggle in Narcifer’s arms.

But screeching tyres rang in Macy’s ears.

‘There goes your hero,’ Narcifer said.

One of his hands was around her waist, the other was around her chest, flattening her breasts and pinning her arms. She lowered her head and sank her teeth into his bare arm.

He cursed and let her go. She fell to the floor, on her knees.

‘Macy!’ he said. He sounded concerned, but she jumped up and broke into a run.

She saw the Ranger and aimed the key fob at it, bleeped it open.

She ran for the door, but Narcifer was quicker. Using the full length of his body, he pinned her against the car with her face pressed against the window. He flipped her around.

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Author Biography

T.E Kessler is a pseudonym of Louise Wise. An author from England who likes to weave fantasy sci-fi stories into the ordinary everyday life of the 21st century. Her books are for mature audiences as they contain sex (often kinky) and violence.

Kessler’s books to date:

Jelvia: Not Human series:

Holding out for a Hero #1

Surviving her Dominant #2

Spider #3

Social Media Links

Twitter: @TE_Kessler @louise_wise



Unknown member
May 27, 2020

Thank you so much for helping with my series book launch.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 26, 2020

Thank you, T.E., for introducing yourself to us and introducing your book series. It sounds so good!

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