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Blue – The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy, Book 3 by @LucindaRace is a New Year New Books Fete #romance

Title: Blue – The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy, Book 3

Author: Lucinda Race

Genre: Contemporary Romance – Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

Grace has watched her sisters walk down the aisle after trying on the enchanted, heirloom wedding dress. After taking the wedding dress and flying to the family farm in Scotland she runs into Logan, the handsome Scot with the unforgettable green eyes.

After settling in Grace discovers there are more layers to the story of her Gran's plan to help her granddaughters find their happily ever after, even from beyond the grave.

While wandering the Scottish highlands she bumps into Logan where she reminds herself nothing can come from a harmless flirtation. Or will the handsome Scot convince her to abandon her responsibilities and stay with him.


Grace smiled as she saw the Welcome to Glasgow sign on her way to the car rental counter. This trip was just what she needed after her sisters’ weddings.

She was signing her name on the credit card receipt when she was struck from behind and shoved forcefully into the counter. Holding her midsection, she groaned just as a woman wrenched the garment bag from her hand and took off at a dead run.

“STOP! HELP! THIEF!” Grace grabbed her tote bag and ran after her. But high-heeled sandals and the slim skirt made it hard for her to stop the thief. The gap between Grace and her luggage was widening.

A man raced past her as Grace kept her eyes on the bouncing garment bag until the thief ducked behind a cement pillar in the parking garage. Her heart felt like a lead weight in her chest. How could she have let this happen? She slowed to a walk and stopped, her tote bag dragging on the ground as she turned to make her way back to the rental counter.

To her shock, the man who had run past was walking toward her with her garment bag slung over his shoulder.

With heaving breath, her eyes widened. Those eyes, that face, that man. She had seen him before. Mr. Green Eyes from the plane on her trip to Scotland last fall with her sisters. She hadn’t realized how tall and heart-stoppingly handsome he was, with streaks of gold running through his dark brown hair, a chiseled jaw, a sensuous mouth and those beautiful green eyes. She would never forget those eyes.

“Miss?” His voice was deep and smooth, with a rich Scottish brogue. “Does this belong to you?”

Grace nodded, stunned. Her words came out in a rush. “Oh, yes. It’s my wedding dress. I don’t know what I would have done.”

With a short bow, he handed her the dress. “He’s a lucky man.”

Before Grace could clarify her comment, he strode away. She called after him, “I didn’t catch your name.”

He flashed a smile that caused Grace’s heart to race.

“Logan Campbell.” And with that he turned.

Clutching the bag to her chest, Grace watched Logan walk out of the airport and out of her life.


The landscape changed from city and concrete to lush rolling hills. Clouds hung heavy in the sky with the threat of rain. Grace didn’t care. She was right where she belonged. Replaying the scene in the airport, she realized she never said thank you to Mr. Logan Campbell. Her hand smacked the steering wheel. He must think I’m a boorish American. Not bothering to offer him so much as a cup of coffee, let alone a heart-felt thank you. Nothing I can do about it now. I’ll never see him again…well, except maybe on a plane.

She slowed as she entered the village of Stirling. Up ahead was her first destination: MacMeekin’s Bakery. After easing into a parking space, she strolled over the cobblestones, swinging her handbag, and down the quiet street. It was midday, most of the locals were working, and tourists were likely off catching the sights.

The old bell above the bakery door jingled as she entered. “Well, hello, Grace, what a lovely surprise.” Mrs. MacMeekin came through the swinging kitchen doors, wiping flour-covered hands on her apron. “Are your sisters behind you, dear?” She crossed to the door and looked down the street.

A stab of sadness hit Grace hard. She had never been in the bakery without her sisters or Gran.

“It’s just me today.” Grace’s smile was half-hearted. “A vacation for one.”

The older woman opened her arms. “Welcome home, Grace.”

Mrs. M holding her tight almost felt like Gran had wrapped her arms around both of them. A lump lodged in Grace’s throat.

With a kiss on her forehead, Mrs. M said, “So what brings you to Scotland?”

Grace cleared her throat and blinked away the tears that hovered on her lashes. “I wanted to get away for a couple of weeks. Enjoy some of your baked goods and wander the Highlands.” She felt it best to not mention Gran’s letter. At least not yet.

“Well, that certainly does sound lovely.” Mrs. M chuckled. “I received a letter from your mother. She said Kenzie married a few weeks ago. Is he a good man?”

Grace grinned. “He’s the perfect guy for Kenzie. They’ve been best friends since they were babies. And let me tell you, Robbie Burns has the patience of a saint.”

Mrs. M pulled out a chair from one of the round tables near the windows and sat down. “And Jamie and her husband Caleb, are they doing well?”

Grace settled in the opposite chair. “They moved into their new home, and I’m betting we’ll be hearing the sound of little feet within the year.”

Not one to sit still long, Mrs. M hopped up. “Tea and scones?”

Grace nodded. “Let me help you.”

With a broad smile, Mrs. M said, “Nonsense. You sit and tell me why you really came back. Something tells me there is a bit more to the story than just needing to visit with your gran’s old friend and eating cream buns.” She bustled about making a pot of tea and plating teacakes and scones from the glass case. Grace got up and carried the cups and plates to the table while Mrs. M took a small tray and put the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl on it.

Grace waited until Mrs. M had sat down and poured them each a cup of tea. “Do you know how Gran met my grandfather?”

A gleam shone in the older woman’s eye. “I do.”

“So, you know about the wedding dress and the story that goes with it?”

“Aye.” Mrs. M nodded and looked at Grace “Is this the reason for your trip?”

“Partly.” Grace took a sip of tea and broke apart a scone. She nibbled on a small piece. Her eyes rolled back. “Just like always, Mrs. M, pure heaven.”

Her gaze roamed the small but tidy bakery. She spied a picture of Gran and Mrs. M on the wall, and smiled. “Do you know the wedding dress is enchanted?”

“Yes, Arabel told me the story many years ago.” Solemnly, Mrs. M added, “We were friends for most of our lives.”

“After Gran died, Dad sent the wedding dress, the MacLellan plaid and a brooch to us. There was a letter from our Great-grandmother. We didn’t know about the family legend that if an unmarried MacLellan woman tried the dress on she would find her future. Heck, we didn’t even know about the dress.” Grace paused to sip her tea before continuing. “As you can guess from recent events, Jamie tried it on and married Caleb. Afterward Kenzie tried it on and realized she had been in love with Robbie forever, and they married. The dress was then handed down to me.” She held up her hands. “And here I am.”

“Did you try the dress on, dear?” Mrs. M leaned forward in her chair, her voice slightly breathless.

With a shake of her head, Grace said, “Each of us had one last letter from Gran tucked into our luggage. Jamie found hers right before our last trip here, Kenzie found hers before she went on the fateful hike, and I found mine the day after Kenzie’s wedding. Gran told me to bring the dress back to Scotland without putting it on.”

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Blue is the last novel in the MacLellan Sisters trilogy and it brings all the elements of family full circle.


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Author Biography:

Lucinda Race is a lifelong fan of romantic fiction. As a young girl, she spent hours reading novels and dreaming of, one day, becoming a writer. As life twists and turns, she found herself writing nonfiction but longed to turn to her true passion, romance novels. After developing the storyline for The Loudon Series, it was time to start living her dream. Fingers flying over computer keys, two novellas, and five novels have been published in The Loudon Series. She has also written The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy and is working on a new novel to be released in 2020.

Lucinda lives, with her husband Rick, and their two little dogs, Jasper and Griffin, in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. When she’s not writing romance novels Lucinda reads everything she can get her hands on. She’s passionate about growing tomatoes and roses. Her writing is contemporary and engaging.

Social Media Links:


FB @lucindaraceauthor

Instagram @lucindaraceauthor

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 28, 2020

Thank you, Lucinda, for participating in our New Year New Books Fete.

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