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Book Review | Rhythm in Blue (Azalea Valley Series Book 2) by @hope_malory #romance #bookreview

Title: Rhythm in Blue (Azalea Valley Series Book 2)

Author: Hope Malory

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Reeling from a broken relationship, Brenner McLemore says goodbye to men and dreams of a family to focus on her other loves—art and dance. That is until Garrett Davenport, her former college instructor and nemesis, arrives in Azalea Valley to step into the director’s position in the dance studio where she teaches—exactly the job Brenner wants.

Garrett finds life in the small town a challenge while he works with the beautiful and talented Brenner. When they match passions in a sensual dance before an audience, Garrett realizes their budding relationship threatens to derail his chance for a coveted position at his former university.

Brenner, struggling to regain her footing, begins to choreograph a new future, but will it be enough?

Will their love take flight or will the curtain fall?

My Review:

After discovering her fiancée in the arms of another, Brenner swears off men and vows to never let a man hurt her again. Her outlook sours when her college professor and nemesis, Garrett, walks back into her life in the most unexpected way. Forced to work with him once again tests her nerves but it’s his desire for her that has her rethinking her outlook on men. Just when they get on the same page and explore their feelings for one another, family drama and relationship tension pull them apart. Can they work through the past to carve out a future or is this the end for this dancing couple?

Rhythm in Blue is an emotional story with engaging characters, an enemies-to-lovers romance and a plot seeped in rich descriptive narration. As the story unfolds, it obvious the author is a music lover because the character arcs crescendo like a classical symphony. Lyrical narration on everything from the setting to what the characters are wearing distract from the main plot. The pull and shove between Brenner and Garrett I found tiresome after awhile. When the romance and passion exploded between them, I raised an eyebrow. Seemed too quick to go from hating each other to tearing each other’s clothes off. The ending, though, more than made up for it. I loved the characterization as each character had their own voice and were fully developed. Well done!

If you love enemies-to-lovers romance with plenty of tension and rifts, you’ll adore Rhythm in Blue. Even though this is book two, it is a standalone and can be read on its own.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

Influenced by travel, Hope Malory writes contemporary romance in whatever destination she finds herself. Her descriptive settings transport readers to the places she has experienced firsthand.

After a career in education, Hope traded in a commute, traffic, and early mornings for inventing delightful, adventurous, strong-willed characters and putting them in unpredictable, situations.

She and her husband live near Nashville Tennessee. Now, whether relaxing on the beach, traveling with her husband, or spending time at home, she is busy writing her next novel.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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