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Limited Time Sale: Buy a book review and get a spotlight for FREE! #bookmarketing #authors #sale

Authors and small publishers, are you looking for expansive exposure for your upcoming release, new release, or backlist? Book reviews are a great way to garner buzz and credibility among readers.

At N. N. Light’s Book Heaven, we offer a concise professional book review and post it on our website as well as Amazon US, Amazon CA, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Goodreads, and BookBub (if featured). For audiobook reviews, we post to Audible US or Chirp (wherever we get a code or whichever you prefer), Goodreads, and BookBub. For all book reviews, we provide a graphic for you to display and use for marketing.

We're a Vine Voice reviewer and verified (blue check) influencer on Amazon.

Our latest ratings:

Amazon US Ranking as of April 11, 2022 is 4,693

Amazon CA Ranking as of April 11, 2022 is 2,083

Goodreads Ranking as of April 11, 2022 is #13 Top Readers, #31 Top Reviewers, #56 Best Reviewers, #82 Most Followed (updated weekly)


Purchase a book review at regular price and you’ll get a spotlight for FREE. That’s a savings of $15.

16 Weeks $13.50

12 Weeks $16.00

8 – 10 Weeks $21.00

6 Weeks $30.00

4 Weeks $50.00

3 Weeks $69.00

2 Weeks $95.00

Rush 3 Business Days $160.00

This applies to all book reviews, including audiobook reviews.

All five-star book reviews are eligible for our coveted book awards at the end of the year.

To make arrangements for a book review and the free spotlight, please go to our contact page and enter the following information:

Subject line: Book Review Sale

Title of book you’d like to review



Format (e-book or audiobook)

Is your book published or an upcoming release

Is your book available on Kindle Unlimited

Timeframe of review and price

Paypal email so we can invoice you

Preference of reviewer, if any

We look forward to working with you.


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