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5 stars for Burial Ground by Stephen B. King #bookreview #thriller #crimethriller #psychologicalthriller #wrpbks

Title: Burial Ground

Author: Stephen B. King

Genre: Crime/Psychological thriller


Book Blurb:


Tammy and Greg meet at a party in the Perth hills and sneak away to a disused gravel pit to be alone. They are interrupted by two men burying something who then attack Greg and chase a naked Tammy throughout the night. She is found the next day, delirious and suffering hypothermia. She tells Detective Sam Collins and Jenny Markham what she witnessed and reports Greg’s murder. But his body is found in a car wreck, and the crash report says he died because of alcohol and speed on a sharp bend. This casts doubt on Tammy’s story, and Sam wonders if she imagined the incident. Doubting the official crash report, he and Jenny investigate further and discover two serial killers, who have been burying their victims at the gravel pit, for seventeen years. Sam must lead a huge police task force to try to find them before they kill again.


My Review:


 A spectacular finale to the detective trilogy. Here Detective Sam faces off with the biggest case of his career and it is written beautifully.


I am not saying everyone will find the writing to be their style. The storyline exemplifies the dark side of humanity. In grim detail. It has been said by no less an expert than Detective Joe Kenda, 'the most dangerous animal in the world is the human'. This story proves that point conclusively.


The pacing of the writing works just as it should. The author draws in the reader and then leads them on a tense and impending kind of doom travail.


The characters are solidly presented. Even the evil ones get a clear illustration. Here, you get more than a glimpse into the mind of the killers.


A great book that is a must read for any fans of this series. An excellent finale that is going to have widespread appeal. Any fans of the dark shows streamed today will want to read this book.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


I left school very early to join a rock band, and spent a few years writing poems, short stories and music. I won two short story writing competitions, had poems published, and enjoyed being a long-haired rock guitarist before life got in the way and I settled down, married and had children. I’ve owned my own businesses, and managed large vehicle sales dealerships and observed people from all walks of life. It is these observations that have aided in creating characters.


I have now published seventeen thrillers, ten on audio, and currently I have three more ‘in the works.’


 Among my inspirations to become an author are the other slightly more famous Stephen King, Stieg Larsen, Val McDermid and Leonard Cohen.


Social Media Links:


Facebook: @StephenBKingauthor


Reviewed by: Mr. N


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