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Charming Miss Standish (Willful Winterbournes #6) is a Kindle Unlimited pick #regency #ku #giveaway

Title: Charming Miss Standish (Willful Winterbournes #6)

Author: Sandra Sookoo

Genre: Regency romance, historical romance

Book Blurb:

When being a rake wears thin… Edmund Ashdowne—Viscount Evermore—has been accustomed to getting by on his handsome face and his scandalous reputation, but now that he’s been ordered to reform by his brother, he’s rebelling. Again. Tired of the restrictions and judgments of the beau monde, he needs an escape. When he meets a woman who isn’t charmed by his looks or anything else he represents, his interest is piqued, and a new idea takes hold.

One doesn’t need sight to see it’s time for a change… Miss Anna Standish is an heiress in her own right. As the only living child to a wealthy baronet, her existence has been lonely, but what she longs for is love. Much in demand of fortune hunters, the fact she is mostly blind sours many potential suitors. Well, they can all sod off. In order to meet the goals she has for her life, she will take a chance on an unconventional offer. For freedom.

When marrying in haste doesn’t exactly go to plan… As their Christmastide nuptial trip to Brighton gets underway, Edmund realizes his marriage of convenience won’t be as easy—or as convenient—as he thought once confusing emotions come into play and troubling accidents dog their steps. Challenges arise between the unlikely pair that go deeper than initial attraction, and when Anna suddenly goes missing on Christmas night, everything comes into sharp focus. If they wish to have a real marriage complete with love, they’ll need to fight for it, and a Christmas miracle wouldn’t be amiss either.


She put her gloved hands to her burning cheeks. Not only had her gown caught fire, but everyone was no doubt staring at her, the fabric was ripped, torn, and now soaking wet, and there was still the second half of the recital to go.

“Oh, Edmund, please remove me from here. I cannot abide the scrutiny.” Perhaps it had been a mistake after all to leave her house.

“All will be well.” He was there with a hand to the small of her back and another holding onto her hand. “We are making our way to the staircase and will go down to the lower level. The parlor will be just the place to shield you from prying eyes until other arrangements can be made.”

The sound of his voice and the confidence therein soothed her as she let him lead her away from the refreshment table and the drawing room. She clung to his arm as they made their way down the stairs, and once they reached what she assumed was the parlor, she nearly cried with relief, for here it was quiet and without the mad crush of people.

“You are safe now.” Gently, he brought her deeper into the room. “How are you feeling?”

“A little worse for wear and quite embarrassed.” A shuddering sigh escaped her. “Or perhaps overwhelmed is a good way to describe how I feel. That, and happy.”

“What?” Confusion hung on that one word. “How so? Some of those pieces were ear drum shattering.”

“True.” Anna couldn’t help her smile. Now that she’d been removed from the crowd and the embarrassment, she was beginning to relax. “However, this is the most excitement I’ve had in years. Though the ruined gown is saddening.”

“True, but then, what is life without the unexpected.” His chuckle tickled through her chest. Once more, his hand was at the small of her back, and she was shuttled all too close to him. “Perhaps this will make up for that.” Before she knew what he was about, he’d pressed his lips gently to hers.

Oh, dear! If possible, her heartbeat accelerated even faster than it already was. So stunned was she that Anna froze and stared at him. With him being so close, she could finally see what his features looked like, and good heavens, he was perfection itself! Blond hair arranged into what she assumed was a popular style, eyes of a deep cornflower blue that were intensely looking back at her. Autocratic lines which swept the planes of his face, from his eyebrows to his nose to his lips indicated he was indeed descended from nobility. The tiny hint of evening stubble on his cheeks and chin made him nearly irresistible.

And still he waited as if wishing for her permission to continue.

Butterflies danced through her belly as she gawked at him. “That was my first kiss,” she admitted in a barely audible whisper. To think that this man had given it to her set her mind to reeling. So much had already happened since she’d met him, it was stunning.

“Truly?” The viscount cupped her cheek, drew the pad of his gloved thumb along her bottom lip and grinned when she trembled.

“Yes.” The heat had returned to her cheeks. “I told you my father sheltered me regardless of what I have wished for my own life. There are so many things I’ve not experienced in this world that I’m breathless with ignorance.”

“We cannot have that.” With another grin, Edmund reeled her into his arms, settled her more comfortably there. “Perhaps we should begin your education.” Then he once more pressed his lips to hers, but the difference between kisses was like day was to night.

As he moved over her mouth with confidence, Anna curled her fingers into his lapels, for it was heady stuff indeed to be kissed twice by the same man. His lips were both firm and soft, and they cradled hers as if born to do it. With tiny nibbles and licks, he introduced himself to her through that medium, and after the shock of it wore away, she followed his lead, tried to mimic what he did to her. Oh, good heavens, but she could soon find herself lost in such a kiss, and slowly, she slipped her palms up his chest to loop about his shoulders. He pulled her ever closer while continuing to kiss her without pressure, didn’t attempt to deepen the embrace or do anything that might frighten her, and for that she appreciated his discretion.

A sharp gasp from the doorway had them springing apart. “Lord Evermore, for shame, taking advantage of Miss Standish.” The censure in Meredith’s voice was unmistakable. “I heard what happened and came to check on you.” She rushed to Anna’s side and took up one of her hands. “Are you all right?”

Well, that largely depended on which event the woman referred to, for her senses and head was still spinning from that kiss.

“Yes, of course, but my gown is ruined. I can’t return to the drawing room.” Not that she minded if Edmund would stay with her here.

“We should go home immediately.” Meredith tsked her tongue. “Finding you like this at the mercy of such a man means scandal is surely in the offing.”

“He has been nothing but lovely.”

The viscount cleared his throat. “Be careful lest you overstep, Miss Grafton.” There was no mistaking the veiled warning in his voice.

Anna pouted. “Perhaps going home is the logical choice since my gown is wrecked.” Yet she hadn’t had nearly enough time with Lord Evermore.

Again, as if sensing the direction of her thoughts, Edmund came close and took up her other hand. “Would you be agreeable to me calling on you tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Oh, dear, her voice was far too breathless. She squeezed his fingers. “Please do come for tea. We had such fun last time.”

“We did indeed.” He lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of her gloved hand. “Then I will see you tomorrow, but thank you for spending part of the evening with me. I know my sister appreciated your support.”

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

It’s a Christmas romance with a marriage of convenience trope. Additionally, the heroine is blind, and there is a secret baby at play plus suspense. What’s not to like?

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Runs November 7 – November 16, 2023.

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Author Biography:

Sandra Sookoo is a USA Today bestselling author who firmly believes every person deserves acceptance and a happy ending. That is why her characters are not in the usual style and oftentimes struggle with things out of the norm. She’s written for publication since 2008. Most days you can find her creating scandal and mischief in the Regency-era, serendipity and happenstance in the Victorian era, or historical romantic suspense complete with mystery and intrigue. Reading is a lot like eating chocolates—you can’t just have one book. Give her the chance with one book and you’ll be hooked.

When she’s not wearing out computer keyboards or mice, Sandra spends time with her real-life Prince Charming in Central Indiana where she also runs a gourmet cookie business and makes moments count with the man because the key to life is laughter. Inspired to storytelling by Walt Disney since the age of ten, when her soul gets bogged down and her imagination flags, a trip to Walt Disney World is in order. Nothing fills the well and fuels her dreams more than the land of eternal happy endings, hope and love stories.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 09, 2023

Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your new release in our Kindle Unlimited Bookish Event!

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