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Compromise by Marsha R. West is a Love and Romance Festival pick #99cents #99c #booksale #romanticsuspense #laterinlife #lovemonth #giveaway



Author: Marsha R. West


Genre: Later in Life Romantic Suspense


Book Blurb:


Widowed, shop keeper, and transplanted Texan Jessica Allen fights to protect the green in the New Hampshire town of Tidbury, settled by her late husband’s family. New Hampshire of the beautiful fall leaves, picturesque Christmases, and sometimes brutal winters. She’s angry to learn developers plan to use Worley Construction, a company she holds responsible for her husband’s death. When a member of the board of selectmen is murdered, family and friends encourage Jessica to run for the seat. Will threats force her to compromise her principles?

Developer Jeff Hudson wants to build a retirement center on the Tidbury Green. Despite Jessica’s opposition, he believes he can convince her of the need for the center and that its place on the green will leave plenty of room for all of the town’s activities. But has he partnered with an unsafe builder? How much money will he lose if he breaks the contract to please Jessica? Her position on the board of selectmen may cause a conflict of interest and force them apart. Will more people have to die to save the green?


Will Jessica be forced to compromise to find her second chance at love?




The end of September brought out the leaves along with politics. The town newspaper ran a story about a woman named Jessica Allen running a campaign against a man named Palmer Northcutt for the Tidbury Board of Selectmen. Apparently, they were running to fill the unexpired term of the guy Tony had told Jeff had committed suicide. He wondered about the man’s wife. Hard times. He shook his head as he wandered on.


Jeff admired people who put themselves out on the line to run for public office. How could they stand all the constant scrutiny? And in a small town it must be more difficult because you’d run into people every way you’d turn, who knew you served on the board and would want something. He had enough of that running a development company, and he lived in a larger community, where a person could more easily blend in.


He glanced in the window of a shop named Allen’s. Same name as the woman running for the board. Maybe a family member? He tried to pull open the door, but it wouldn’t give. He realized it opened inward. Must be a really old building that had been grandfathered. Nowadays, doors had to open outwards for safety.  Jeff gave it a shove and a gentle jingle overhead greeted him, followed by a comforting aroma. What is that?


“Hi. Come in.”


An attractive woman came out from the back of the store. Her brown shoulder length hair curled slightly up on the ends and fell into her blue-green eyes. She self-consciously brushed it behind one ear.


“Can I help you with anything or are you browsing?”


Jeff jerked to attention. He’d been staring at the woman like a lovesick schoolboy. “Uh, yeah. I mean no. That’s right. I’m browsing. Do you work here?”


“Yes, I do. Actually, I own the store. I’m Jessica Allen.”


“Ah, the candidate.”


“How do you know?” Her eyebrows raised quizzically over those arresting blue-green eyes.


“Read an article in the Gazette. Isn’t that the name of your town newspaper?


She nodded. “I sometimes forget why I got into all of this. It seemed the right thing to do at the time, but campaigning is hard work. Answering all the questions for the newspaper interview. Holding campaign committee meetings. Shaking hands and shaking more hands. I mean I’ve lived in this town for almost thirty years. You’d think I’d know everyone, and everyone knew me. Apparently, when you become a candidate for the Tidbury Board of Selectmen, everything changes.”


She stopped suddenly and laughed, a low tone that hit him in the stomach. What was that about?


“Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. What came over me? I said stuff to you I’ve never mentioned to my friends or family.” She stretched out her arm. “Let’s start again. I’m Jessica Allen and you are?”


Jeff took her hand and experienced a hard to ignore zing of electricity. “I’m Jeff Hudson, I’m the developer wanting to put a retirement center on the green.”


“Oh.” She dropped his hand and stepped back.


“Ah. Are you on the same side as the board member who died? Anti-development?” He folded his arms across his chest.


“No, I wouldn’t say anti-development at all, Mr. Hudson. I kind of like the idea of a retirement center. I may possibly make use of it myself someday if I can’t manage the stairs to my apartment.” She gestured overhead. “But not, absolutely not on our green.”


Her fists settled on her hips, that curved out enough to be interesting. Standing approximately five feet four, she had an athletic build. Not a stick of a girl. Jeff hated when you hugged a woman and had the sensation, she might snap in two.


Jeff re-considered his combative stance which had encouraged Jessica Allen to take one, too. He uncrossed his arms. That wasn’t the way to win friends and influence people. Something he prided himself on doing well.


“Ms. Allen, I apologize. We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. I’d like to take you for a cup of coffee so we can discuss our different perspectives. I noticed Molly’s a couple of shops down the way. Could I persuade you to go there? I’ve heard they have excellent pie.”


Several expressions flitted across Jessica Allen’s open book face. That would be a disadvantage for her in politics, but that openness certainly helped him. Finally, she removed her fists from her hips and held out a hand. “All right, let’s try this a third time. I’m Jessica Allen. And you are?”


Jeff eagerly took her hand in his again, hoping, wondering if he’d experience the zing again. Yep. Hmm. This negotiation would be interesting. “Jeff Hudson. Pleased to meet you. Can I take you for a cup of coffee?”


Buy Links:


99 Cent Sale February 15-22!


What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?


I like that I can bring excitement and love into my readers’ lives. I like that I can deliver a Happily Ever After. I like to think we can always get that, but at least my readers can find that in my books.


Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:


First, you need to love yourself and believe in yourself to find love. Don’t expect perfection because none of us is perfect. But always look for someone to respect you and someone you can respect. Sex is great, but it ultimately becomes less important and respecting your partner and having that respect in return will keep you going for a lifetime. And it’s never too late to find love.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card



Open internationally.


Runs February 1 – 29, 2024


Drawing will be held on March 1, 2024. 


Author Biography:


A retired elementary school principal, a former school board member, and theatre arts teacher, Marsha R. West writes Romance, Suspense, and Second Chances. Experience Required. She lives in Texas with her supportive lawyer husband and Charley, a deaf, Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix. Their two daughters presented them with three delightful grandchildren all who live nearby.


The theme of Marsha’s books is always second chances, and she even has a four-part series titled The Second Chances Series. She believes in Happily Ever Afters. Her husband picked up a plaque for her on one of their several trips to Maine that states her philosophy exactly. Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end. The Heroines and Heroes in her books are in their 40s and 50s with their parents and children often playing supporting roles.


She’s a member of North Texas Romance Writers, Texas Authors Institute, the WORD BY WORD Blog. She has a monthly newsletter. Her books can be found on AMAZON, B & N, KOBO, and iTunes and other sites. Print books are also at Draft 2 Digital, Indie Lector Stores, and Amazon. Blurbs for each of her books with links can be found on her website. Where you can also sign up for her blog and her  NEWSLETTER  MRW Press LLC ( 


Social Media Links:


Contact her at , and follow her on…

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