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Crimson at Cape May by @OverbeckRandy is a Wintertime Reading pick #paranormalsuspense #giveaway

Title: Crimson at Cape May

Author: Randy Overbeck

Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Paranormal Suspense

Book Blurb:

Doing the right thing—exposing his town’s ugly secret—cost Darrell Henshaw his job, his girl and his dignity.

So, the offer to coach the summer football camp in Cape May, New Jersey comes at just the right time. The resort town, with gorgeous beaches, rich history and famous Victorian mansions, might be just the getaway Darrell needs.

Only, no one told him Cape May is the most haunted seaport on the East coast, launching his gift of seeing ghosts into overdrive. One resident ghost, the Haunted Bride, hounds him day and night, begging for help.

This time Darrell joins forces with a street-wise teen named Cassie, who also sees ghosts. They work together to unravel the mystery of the bride’s death and stumble upon a far more dangerous secret.

Can Darrell and Cassie find the killer and expose the secret before they become the resort’s latest casualties?


“Hey, is there some kind of theatre doing a nineteenth-century play here in Cape May, some Jane Austen story or something?” Darrell turned and asked the bartender who passed, delivering two beers to a couple down the bar.

After he dropped off the drinks, the guy stopped in front of Darrell. “Oh, you mean Margaret?” The server grinned, showing a few missing teeth.

Darrell swerved in his seat to point out the woman sitting at the second booth down the row. But she was gone. “She was right there.” He pointed to the now empty table in the center of the room. “She wore this gaudy make up and this fancy, old-time, flowing red dress. I saw her there a few seconds ago.”

The barkeep chuckled and pointed at the inked snake on his neck. “With black ruffles on the collar?”

Darrell nodded.

“Oh, that was Margaret. She…um, you might say, she floats in here from time to time.” He tucked the towel back into its place. “She’s one of the ladies of the evening from the House of Royals. And…she’s pretty much a regular round here.”

“The House of Royals?” Darrell asked.

“Yeah, they tell me one of our hotels housed a famous bordello about a hundred years ago.”

“You mean she’s a hundred-year-old ghost?” Darrell said.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

There’s not a better time to discover CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY than this month. In addition to being a story of mystery and romance with a touch of paranormal, the novel exposes the ugly world of human trafficking. January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Readers get not only a “rollicking good read,” but also learn about this ugly world.

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Open Internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon Canada account to win.

Runs January 25 – February 3, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on February 4, 2022.

Author Biography:

Dr. Randy Overbeck is an award-winning educator, author and speaker. As an educator, he served children for more than three decades in a range of roles captured in his novels, from teacher and coach to principal and superintendent. His thriller, Leave No Child Behind (2012) and his recent mysteries, the Amazon and B & N No. 1 Best Seller, Blood on the Chesapeake and Crimson at Cape May have earned five star reviews and garnered national awards including “Thriller of the, “Gold Award”—Literary Titan, “Mystery of the Year”— and “Crowned Heart of Excellence”—InD’Tale Magazine. As a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Dr. Overbeck is an active member of the literary community, contributing to a writers’ critique group, serving as a mentor to emerging writers and participating in writing conferences such as Sleuthfest, Killer Nashville and the Midwest Writers Workshop. When he’s not writing or researching his next exciting novel or sharing his presentation “Things Still Go Bump in the Night,” he’s spending time with his incredible family of wife, three children (and their spouses) and seven wonderful grandchildren

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