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The very first thing you would notice about me if you’re around me for more than 5 minutes is that I love to smile and laugh (Thus beginning with the smiley face. Sidenote: you’d get at least 10-15 smiley faces in an email from me). It (my smile) is the compliment I receive the most from strangers. Which, it stands to reason, I’m an encourager by nature. That’s what lights me up. I’m the one pumping others up, “You can do it.” Some people live for coffee; I live for movies and encouraging others. In addition, I enjoy fishing, bowling, basketball (watching, not playing😂), bean bags (I refuse to call it “corn-hole”) and bragging about my nephew and nieces.


 I got into writing a lot later than I should have. I never recognized that it was “talent” in high school and college when term papers were such a breeze for me. I vividly remember friends complaining about 3, 10, or 25-page papers we had to complete. I couldn’t understand why that was a big deal, lol. It wasn’t until several years after graduating college, while taking a continuing education course in Business of Screenwriting that I considered writing anything as a career. The director of the program told me that I had a real talent and that my strong suit was dialogue. Who knew?


 I never wanted to have a “usual” or “favorite” place to write as I felt that would shackle my creativity. What happens if my favorite coffee shop is too crowded, or closed, or “life” prevents me from writing at 10a and I ALWAYS write at 10a. I understand that some people need their favorite hat or can’t write without having their green tea or caramel latte. I can write anyplace, any time, rain, sleet, or snow (I live in MN. lol) whether I have my yummy turtle latte or water.









YA, Fiction, Action-Drama



The Story Plant


Book Blurb


Mendel is a coming-of-age story about a senior at Chicago's legendary Mendel High who must learn how to forgive as he navigates life without his recently deceased mother. Things come to a head when the teen accidentally discovers that his mother’s dreams of becoming a collegiate track star were derailed due to getting pregnant with him. To honor his mother, he joins Mendel’s track team and excels, but before he can cash in on any scholarship offers, his father’s thuggish past catches up with them when a gun toting nemesis comes seeking revenge. The teen must decide between saving his own life or sacrificing it all to save his estranged father.

Available in ebook, print, and audiobook.


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Author Biography


Damone is a 2 time-award-winning author, speaker, poet, aspiring screenwriter, and voiceover artist. Damone has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Illinois State University and has spent most of his profession in the Social Services sector. He currently lives in the Twins Cities area.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 13

Thank you, Damone, for sharing your writing journey and your award-winning novel with our readers!

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