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Dark Tales from Dreamdale Part One: Nightmares Are Everywhere Here! is a BHW pick #yalit #fantasy

Title: Dark Tales from Dreamdale Part One: Nightmares Are Everywhere Here!

Author: Jeremy Robertson

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Book Blurb:

When a scary nightmare creature escapes its underworld prison, a brave boy, Arden Wonder, must slay the quirky dream monster Count Comatose before the villain has an opportunity to feed on the dreams and nightmares of young souls that will allow Count Comatose to unleash a nightmarish apocalypse that will corrupt reality. Every dreaming child will turn into fantasy creatures and be the monster's slaves in its lair--forever.


Dream Arden walked over and opened it. “This will be our day of victory, my boy! I am so proud of you! Come on, it’s time to go home,” The creature said. He grabbed hold of Arden through the window, and they all warped back into the still-open portal. The magic door closed behind them, and they disappeared. The fog from the entrance formed all over the town.

The magic mist placed a spell on the Gifted Souls, who protected Dreamdale. The haunted cloud, however, made the Gifted Souls all into terrifying Dark Hearts. This fog left the mysterious children fleeing from their houses. A dangerous thunderstorm got the young Dark Hearts soaked, and the cursed kids didn’t care. The helpless children just wanted to wake up; only they weren’t dreaming.

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Author Biography:

When Jeremy Robertson isn't reading or writing, or keeping himself entertained, he works part-time at his local grocery store. Jeremy grew up in a small Texas town. Stories excite Jeremy. They transport him to other worlds!

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
2022년 1월 12일

Thank you, Jeremy, for sharing your book with us!

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