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Deadly Resurgence by @TJLoganAuthor is a Love and Romance Festival pick #romanticsuspense #giveaway

Title: DEADLY RESURGENCE, O’Halleran Security Int’l. Series, book 6

Author: TJ LOGAN


Book Blurb:

A brutal serial killer strikes again …

Dormant for thirteen years, the notorious Last Will and Testament Killer has returned to claim another victim.

A young woman sets a trap using herself as bait …

Tormented by her part in her sister’s death, Kinsley Hill has dedicated her life to hunting down the monster who destroyed her family. Nothing and no one will stop her, not even the annoyingly charming man with secrets of his own.

An enigmatic man is the only thing standing between her and a killer …

OSI Operative and former SWAT team member, Killian O’Halleran has seen the uglier side of humanity. After a crushing betrayal at the hands of someone he trusted, he has vowed to never get serious with any woman again. Then Kinsley Hill bursts into his orderly life and flips everything upside down.

Could the person Kinsley’s been hunting all these years be someone she knows and trusts? She and Killian are in a race against the clock to find out before another innocent woman loses her life.


Footsteps pounded through the woods behind Killian O’Halleran. He grinned and picked up his pace as he approached an evergreen with a familiar scar torn across its bark. He’d run this obstacle course so many times before, he could do it in his sleep, and today he was finally going to kick his competitive sister-in-law’s ass.

No sooner had the thought formed than he hit a patch of soggy leaves and pine needles. His arms flapped around and his feet slipped out from under him, sending him straight to his ass.

“Ha! Loser,” Andi shouted as she blew past him, nothing but a dark streak in her black spandex workout clothes.

“Dammit.” He shoved up and started after her. She was fast as shit through a duck, so catching her would be a challenge. Good thing he loved a challenge.

She was just swinging from the first overhead monkey bar to the next when he arrived at the edge of the clearing. He closed the distance to the set next to her and wiped his muddy hands down the side of his sweats. He jumped up, grabbed the bar, and started across. Grunting with each handhold, he scissored his legs back and forth a few feet above the ground as he worked his way across the bars.

Andi made it to the other end, swung her long legs out and landed about four feet away. Wasting no time, she dashed over to the ten-foot wall, but when she got to the base, she stopped and turned back to him, her shoulders rising and falling.

“Thought I’d give you a chance to catch up,” she called out to him. The evil grin on her face spoke of something much less benevolent.

He jumped from the monkey bars and approached the wall, remembering back to a time she ran the O-course with his twin brother, Mathias. They’d gotten to the top of the wall together, and she’d accidentally bumped into him and sent him sailing into the mud pit on the other side.

Killian stopped next to her, their breaths fogging as they sawed in and out.

“Ladies first.” He bowed slightly and swept his arm out toward the wall.

“What’s the matter? Scared?” she taunted.

“Not scared. Smart.” He tapped a fingertip to his temple, then leaned sideways and smiled over her shoulder. “What’s up, Jonathan?”

Andi turned to looked at her husband.

Killian jumped up, grabbed the rope and scrambled up the wall.

“You dirty rotten piece of …” Andi snarled when she realized she’d been duped.

She followed him up and was about a foot from the top when he unhooked the other rope and, doing his best Tarzan yell, swung over the mud pit. As soon as he was clear, he tucked and rolled on the ground on the other side, jumped to his feet and bolted across the finish line.

Finally, he beat her. He’d had to cheat to do it, but he didn’t even care. In their business, playing dirty could be the difference between life and death.

Andi arrived a few seconds later, spitting mad and cursing him in a language he guessed originated somewhere in the Middle East.

Made sense. As an interrogation tactics specialist with the National Security Agency, she’d been assigned to the front lines in Afghanistan, where she’d interviewed hundreds of terrorists from the deadly Al Mu’min Brotherhood. The intel she’d gathered had saved the lives of thousands of U.S. and allied forces working in the region. She’d also picked up a few salty turns of phrase.

She leaned over, propped her hands on her knees and tilted her head up to look at him. “You know you cheated, right?”

“Hell, yeah, I cheated.” And he’d do it again, if he thought he could get away with it. Which she would never let happen. “It’s the only way I can beat you.”

Andi didn’t have his strength, but she more than made up for it with speed, agility, and an unrelenting, killer competitiveness.

“Well, at least you admit that much.” She straightened and walked over to grab her water bottle.

He joined her and tipped back his own for a long swallow.

“So what the hell’s going on with you lately anyway?” Andi asked with her typical candor.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He did, but he didn’t feel like getting into it with her.

“Bullshit.” She swiped her towel across her face and over the top of her head, leaving her short, dark hair standing on end in spiky little chunks. “You’ve been moping around, avoiding everyone. Not dating.”

The last was said with emphasis, as if that were the most concerning part.

“First of all, I’m a guy—I don’t mope. Secondly, I haven’t been avoiding anyone.” He swiped his sweaty jaw across his shoulder. “As far as the not dating thing, between training and going out on ops, I haven’t had the time.” Nor the desire.

“I still call bullshit, but I’m going to leave you alone … for now.” She hiked her duffle bag onto her shoulder and gave him a serious look. “But I’m here if you want to talk. You know that, right?”

“I do. Thanks.” They’d become good friends when she first started working at OSI as a consultant. Back when Jonathan, one of his older brothers, had been going through some heavy shit and hadn’t been all that nice to her. In his brother’s defense, he’d recently lost his wife and had been forced to sit by as his premature baby girl struggled to survive—helpless to do anything for her but pray. That had been a painful time for the entire O’Halleran family. Fortunately, his brother and Andi came out the other side together and were amazing parents to Killian’s perfectly healthy niece, Ashling.

Andi nodded once, then she headed off down the trail and out of sight.

As usual, she was too damned perceptive. He had been in a funk for a few months, ever since Tricia, a woman he’d casually dated a couple of times and slept with once, dropped the pregnancy bomb on him. He’d been down that road before, and the outcome had nearly crushed him. Difference was, he’d actually loved … Hell, no. Not going there.

Ultimately, Tricia confessed that another man was the father. But those few days in between had been a special kind of hell for Killian.

His phone pinged in his bag, indicating he’d received a text. He squatted down, dug it out and noticed he’d missed a call from an unknown number. No voice mail, so he ignored it and read the group text from Jonathan.

J: Woman went missing in Seattle two days ago. Fiancé just found her will and severed ring finger in an envelope on his windshield. Meeting in the strategy room.

“Fuck.” Killian typed, “Be there after I grab a quick shower,” then he yanked up the bag and ran down the path toward the OSI training center. Here we go again.

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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

I love hearing from readers who say they’ve gotten so attached to my characters that they hate to say good bye to them. I especially love that I give readers an opportunity to escape “real life”, even if only for a short time.

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Be yourself and love with your whole heart. The romance will follow.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon US or Canada gift card

Open internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon CA account to win.

Runs February 1 – 28

Drawing will be held on March 1.

Author Biography:

TJ Logan is an award-winning author of romantic suspense anchored by strong themes of family, honor, and loyalty. Her writing journey began one day, back in 2012, when a bunch of strange voices popped into her head. Hoping to exorcise the craziness, she started typing, which simply ushered in more—as if she’d cracked open some sort of portal for fictional characters to charge through.

Those random voices morphed into the O’Halleran family. The family grew with the addition of lovers, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Voila, the first six books of the O’Halleran Security International (OSI) series was born.

TJ grew up in a military family, lived all over the country and was surrounded by five brothers … and, amazingly, lived to tell about it. She was also a key member of a team who managed a secret program for one of the world’s top defense companies. All of these things have given TJ an interesting perspective on life. And every bit of it goes into her writing!

Family, Honor and Loyalty aren’t just words in a tagline to TJ. They are everything.

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