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5 stars for Deadly Yours (A Samantha McMican Mystery) by Cyndi L. Stuart #cozymystery #mystery #bookreview #newrelease

Title: Deadly Yours (A Samantha McMican Mystery)

Author: Cyndi L. Stuart

Genre: Cozy Mystery


Book Blurb:


This Killer Won’t Let You Run Away!


A letter, sealed with blood red wax, arrives in a small coastal town. Samantha’s hopes of a new, quiet life are shattered. The killer is back. Like years before, the crime scenes mimic classic mysteries Samantha once taught in her English Lit class—The Art of Detection. Is one murder staged from an Ellery Queen novel? P.D. James? Sherlock Holmes? Maybe more?


Five years ago, strangers died. This time—friends. As the body count climbs, this menace must be found or the killings may never stop. What’s hidden in the tiny details? Why is the killer taunting her? As the killer closes in, does she once again cut and run or stand and fight? What will Sam risk to bring this nightmare to an end?


My Review:


The killer has returned, and Sam doesn’t know where to turn. It’s been five years since it all began but the killer has upped the ante. Will Sam risk it all to stop the killings or will she run away, like before? Wow, Deadly Yours is a gripping cozy mystery. Its original premise is unlike anything I’ve read before. The writing is brilliant with a flair for the dramatic. The characters are well-written and engaging. The mystery itself had me riveted to the story. Deadly Yours is an unputdownable mystery.


Let’s talk about the characters. I connected with Sam right away. She’s a relatable heroine and quite good at detecting. Her emotions are emotive and portrayed well.


The rest of the characters are written with an expert pen. Each character has a bit of suspense surrounding them. Are they the killer? No? Well, who could it be? When the killer is unveiled, I gasped aloud.


The descriptive narration is immersive with false clues and tension. Each scene is so well detailed, I found myself diving into the story.


If you’re looking for a fresh, inventive cozy mystery unlike any other, pick up Deadly Yours.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Cyndi didn’t start out life as a mystery writer. But one day something unexpected happened—she became a woman of a certain age.


“What in the world are you waiting for?” said the voice in her head as she woke up on her fiftieth birthday. “That novel isn’t going to write itself! And YOU, sweet pea, are NOT getting any younger.”


So, after years spent as a naturalist on the north Oregon coast and PNW garden speaker, Cyndi dusted off her old Comm degree, left technical writing behind and got to work on short stories, flash fiction, and personal essays. But in secret she tapped away on her first mystery novel, Deadly Yours.


The challenge of creating stories from her own imagination, current events, history, and things she might have overheard at the local coffee shop is what makes her happy and where her passion for writing began. She now lives on a small island in south Puget Sound where she and her husband, a potter and artist, run an artisan business. When not reading, writing, or procrastinating, Cyndi can be found hiking, biking, or swimming in the local lakes, streams, and even Puget Sound (in a wetsuit).


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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Barbara Bettis

Congratulations on your new book, Cyndi, and on the terrific review! I also enjoyed reading your book journey. Best of luck and good wishes for many more future such journeys!😀

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