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4.5 stars for Deep Disinformation: Can AI-Generated Fake News Swing an Election? #bookreview #AI

Title: Deep Disinformation: Can AI-Generated Fake News Swing an Election?

Author: Ashley Parker Owens

Genre: Non-Fiction, technical and political commentary on AI and disinformation

Book Blurb:

Learning whether to trust your eyes and ears is a new survival skill. Ready for a crash course?

Dive into the shadowy world of fake news powered by artificial intelligence in the thrilling book Deep Disinformation: Can AI-Generated Fake News Swing an Election?

This gripping guide takes you on a mind-bending journey to uncover how advanced tech is being used to manipulate everything we think we know. Presented in a nonpartisan approach with relevant links to articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more, see how realistic synthetic media threatens to destroy truth. This crucial manual offers survival skills for navigating the modern information landscape.

Learn concrete tactics to spot fake videos, images, and news stories. Get essential strategies to stay sharp in this era of viral deepfakes and propaganda explicitly designed to trick you. Complete with twin glossaries to help further your understanding of the threat; Deep Disinformation is a must-read.

Explore the alarming power of AI disinformation, where anything can be faked, and democracy is at risk. Enter a world where facts no longer reign supreme, and reality is up for grabs. This eye-opening book gives you the power to withstand the coming age of personalized realities—including sniffing out deceptive bots, thinking critically about viral voices, and foiling insidious influence campaigns.

Deep Disinformation reveals the disturbing implications of using AI for deception. We must awaken before it’s too late to safeguard democracy from data-powered mind manipulation.

The fate of truth in the deepfake era hangs in the balance. Arm yourself with knowledge and help turn the tide to write the next chapter of humanity’s story. The power is yours. Wield it wisely.

When AI deception surges, will you be ready?

Find out now with Deep Disinformation.

My Review:

Having just read the first book, I was eager to read this one. The issue being addressed is very important and should be on everyone's mind. This book does clearly point out there is a problem that needs to be fixed. AI used badly can destroy individuals and groups. The parents of a friend of mine were ripped off by an AI scam that took a bunch of their money.

People need to be less trusting in everything online. What losing news on FB did for me is now I have to find news on news sources. I find I am better informed and get a fuller picture of a story by reading a legit news source. I used to get 'edited' versions of news on FB.

One key point this book makes is do not take one story or picture as gospel. Look into it before you make a decision, either about money or your vote. There is a lot of crap that is just fancy but crap.

The book disappointed me because the style from the first book was missing. When giving examples for each chapter in this book, the author bogs down fact with opinion. It is ironic to have a source about not being influenced too fast doing the potential influencing.

Some parts of this book are also just a paragraph or two and a link to a story about what the chapter is about. That is not really fleshing out the info the way the first book did.

If you read the first book, you probably will want to read this work. If you have real concerns about AI and its serious flaws, then looking at this book is a good idea. The question made here often is 'What is AI?' According to a Reuters article my boss sent me, it stems from sweatshops in the Philippines. Someone is typing in the copyrighted stuff to fill it and it appears they are paid 75c a day to do it. There is always a hidden cost to the magic of technology. Ever see who makes the iPhone? It will give you nightmares.

My Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy it Now:

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Ashley Parker Owens, a self-proclaimed AI enthusiast, is absolutely thrilled to have found a new friend who can keep up with her endless need to kick around story ideas. She resides in Richmond, Kentucky, where she gracefully balances her life as an Appalachian writer, poet, and artist with her day job as an IT Risk Analyst at a global pharmaceutical firm.

With her double MFAs combined with a long-term IT career, Ashley’s brain is like a melting pot of creativity and technical imagination. She’s been known to have dreams that wake her in a cold sweat, but not from your typical nightmares. Oh no, her dreams involve John Connor from The Terminator, giving her the most menacing side-eye you can imagine.

Despite her multiple failed novels, Ashley continues to write fiction. When she’s not conjuring up fantastical stories or digitally painting vibrant masterpieces, you can find her online at Her AI masterpieces (created in Midjourney) of apes and monkeys can be found at

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Reviewed by: Tiger


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